Because Life Gets Blurry

and I dont want to forget a thing.

Time for a day of rest. July 5, 2009

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We had blast last night! We(me, Mr. blur and our 2 friends) went over to my parents house and rode the golf cart around and had beer brats. We drove my niece, Miss P(19months) around on the golf cart and she loved that. Then we went to watch fireworks, which we’re great but the best part was watching Miss P watch them. She LOVED them and wanted to run from lap to lap watching them. It was too cute. Mr. Blur was loving it, he is soo good with kids. That’s what makes me want to have kids, I know he’ll be a great dad. He kept saying (after drinking) “next year we’ll have one” I’m like “umm we’d have to get pregnant in the next 2 months to be sure they’d be here by then, in other words no way!” lol We are waiting till after the wedding, and that’s 14 months away. Then I’d like to wait a year after that even. So it will be awhile, even though I do have the worst baby fever, I know I’m not ready now so I can wait. But anyways after the fireworks we went back to my parents house and got in the hot tub. That was nice. 🙂 I love soaking in the hot tub, although it gets so hot you can’t really stay in for long. Then we came home, it was great being able to hang out with our friends.Today we’re just hanging out at home, I made a big breakfast and now I’m thinking about a nap. 🙂

I hope everyones 4th of July was just as great! What did you do?


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