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An update on the Challange July 20, 2009

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I did really well I think over my weekend trip to the river, I didn’t eat too much of anything and turned down the sweets(smores!) and didn’t snack on anything…except one or two pickle wraps.(yum)

I’ve been riding my bike more, not nearly enough but more. I also haven’t had any fast food, except subway, which I don’t really consider fast food. We got a treadmill from a friend but it’s not working right so we have to try and fix it, which bums me out because I was told it worked when we took it. Or I wouldn’t have even taken it.

But all in all i’m down to 171.8lbs So we’re going in the right direction 🙂 Started at 175.4 Im hoping the next time I wiegh my self i’ll be down to the 160’s


…so maybe I should go ride my bike now….. 🙂


2 Responses to “An update on the Challange”

  1. PJ Says:

    Oh! What are pickle wraps??? Anything containing pickles has to be good.

    And hey, turning down a smore has to automatically take off at least 5 pounds per smore.

    • Blur Says:

      Oh I agree!! and Pickle wraps are super good. You take a piece of ham and spread cream cheese on it and wrap it around a pickle. Then eat them whole or slice them and serve as a appetizer. Thanks for the visit to my blog!

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