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Things that make you say grrr.. July 22, 2009

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So every girl out there knows that you have those times of the month that everything makes you angry. Well the last couple days have been just that for this girl!

  1. Slow drivers- p*ss me off. There is nothing to gawk at, at 7 o clock in the morning when I need to get to work. And the no passing inside town limits really is BS.
  2. This wedding. The fact that there’s no money for it at this point. My parents have a house they fixed up over the last few years that they’re waiting for it to sell. Until it sells we really have nothing to pay for this wedding with, at least not enough. I’m trying my hardest to save money myself but when it comes down to it, I just don’t want to spend that kind of money on on a wedding(see #3-need car). But in order to have the wedding we both want (all our family there, and Mr. Blur has a lot of family) we have to spend the money.  And with Mr. Blur having his little OWI mistake in May we HE has fines to pay off too.  On top of student loans, his car payment and all the rest of the bills we have to pay for it makes everything so stressful. I don’t cry over it, I just get mad!!
  3. I have no time to do any planning of the wedding or a car to take me anywhere, the car I drive now is not very reliable to get long distances(or at least I don’t want to try it) and the closest towns with anything wedding related is 30-40 miles away in either direction.
  4. People who think they are top dog, but they still make mistakes that I have to come through and fix and then I don’t even get a thank you.

OK I’m done, I feel much better 😀

What are some things that irritate you?


4 Responses to “Things that make you say grrr..”

  1. Kez Says:

    Awww. I remember the wedding stress all too well. I also know what it is to not have reliable cars. I hope you’ll be able to sort everything out. Just think “simple” for your wedding – you can still have a really elegant day. My hubby’s family took over the guest list (hello – cousins invited that even HE didn’t know the names of) but we made it work.

    What irritates me? People who out of the blue when you’re having an awesome day, just try to rain on your parade just because they don’t like their lives.

    Oh and when it rains non stop for weeks on end. It would be ok if I was a farmer but I’m not.

    • Blur Says:

      Yes im afriad we’ll have lots of people on the guest list that we don’t really know, just because “well they invited us to their granddaughter/daughter/son/whatevers wedding so we must invite them to yours”
      Mr. Blur was raised by his grandparents so they know LOTS of people and stay in close touch with LOTS of extended family.
      And I also agree on the people trying to ruin your good day and the rain thing, we’ve had some nice days around here but guess what…This girls been working so no time to enjoy the weather. oh well weekends almost here. Lets hope it doesnt rain. 🙂

  2. October12 Says:

    I’m with you on the slow drivers and you can add slow walkers and talkers to my list. SUVs that park in compact spots, I drive a small car and it’s not fair that they should take two spaces. And work, nothing particular about work, just work. It irritates me daily.

    I wish you lots of luck with the wedding planning. We gave ourselves a very small budget and had a pretty good size guest list (90). Things came together for us. I’m sending happy vibes your way so that they do for you too.

    • Blur Says:

      Thanks! and YES Slow talkers!! I totally forgot about that one! Mr. Blurs grandpa does that, and Im always thinking- “just get on with it” or I try to guess/finish what he’s trying to say and then he goes “well no—(big long sigh)—-its like this..” grr definatly irritating.

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