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and I dont want to forget a thing.

Weekend and A tattoo?? July 31, 2009

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Well this weekend is pretty blah, working tonight. Again in the morning. I have Sunday off.

Next week will be a blast *rolls eyes* I work 2-9 every night except Monday when I get off at 6. Then, on the 8th we’re (me, my mom, my little brother and Mr. Blur) are going to a theme park that’s a few hours away. We’re staying in a hotel room and ordering in pizza! ( I love doing that in hotels, don’t know why lol) I’m really hoping it doesn’t rain because I don’t want to have to go to the theme park on sunday I want to come home on sunday and relax!

I’ve decided to get a tattoo for my birthday coming up the 1st of September. I’m getting a small plain cross like this, but in purple.Small%20plain%20cross

I haven’t decided where yet, I want it on the side of my ankle(more towards the foot) but I hear the foot hurts a lot but that’s really the only place that really appeals to me…

Anyone out there have a opinion on this tattoo? Or a suggestion on where it would look good at and easily be hidden if need be. Does the tattoo on your foot really hurt as bad as they say it does? 🙂


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