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Hush hush August 6, 2009

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I’ve been meaning to get on here this last week and do a post but every time I opened the little post window I felt nothing. Zip. Not a iota of anything interesting going on this week. Well until today…

We get up and get ready for work, I always drop Mr. Blur and 2 of his friends off at work on the way to my work in the morning. Well this monring as we’re pulling out of our steep driveway there’s this loud scratching noise..I’m thinking “hmm its never done that before” I usually scrape the front end a little but nothing major and this sounded major, but we ignored it fully believing it was just the front end being scratched.

So Mr. Blurs all telling me its the way I pulled out and I’m telling him its the same way I do it EVERYDAY. So as I’m driving along about a couple feet I notice the cars pulling to the right side majorly. I figured I must have really messed something up. He gets out and looks and the front tire is COMPLETELY flat. It was fine last night when I got home at 9 pm. So therefore we had to walk to work, luckily its only about a 10-15 min walk. But talk about starting my day off on the wrong foot.  I hate being car-less and it just seems like every other week something happens to the car so that I can’t drive it and it turns our lives into a hassle. GRrrr.

P.s On top of having to buy a new tire they have this “lock” thing on the nugbolts that Mr. Blurs grandpa lost the key to so we have to find someway to get the flat tire off before we can even put a new one on!! and On top of the news I got at the dentist today(a story for another day) we can’t afford all this crap!!


But the really good news, and the things that’s so hush hush is that my parents got a offer on their house they’re selling that they are going to accept, all should be done and finalized by September 15th!! This is really good news because that means the stress of where the wedding money is going to come from is gone, they are going to probably open a account at their bank with what ever they’re giving us for the wedding and then we can all add to it until it comes time to book things and pay for things. Yipee!

They don’t want me to tell anybody so Mr. Blur doesn’t know yet..I think that my mom just told me today because I was having such a crappy day between the car and the dentist. But it is a load off my shoulders.


One Response to “Hush hush”

  1. Kez Says:

    Aww that’s great – your secret’s safe with me. That must be comforting! Damn cars and health issues!
    Hope you manage to get that tyre off!

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