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Smooth Lines August 20, 2009

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So I have a funny story. While I’m at work(at a (small) hospital) tonight one of the CNA guys from the back came up to bother talk to me, he does sometimes for no reason. While in some random conversation about license plates(?!) and how I don’t have anything special about me that I could put on one of those personalized license plates he says

 “Well you have pretty blue eyes”

And while that caught me off guard I said,

“Thank you, but I meant more of like I don’t have any hobbies and stuff”

Then when I mention Mr. Blur he asks who he is. I said “My fiance.”

Then he asks how old I am, and I tell him, “I’ll be 20 in about 2 weeks”

He then says “Your too young to be engaged”

And I just laugh. LOL Because I really don’t think I’m “too young” to be engaged. I’ve been engaged for almost 9 months now, and I’ll be 21 when we get married.

This is the first person who’s even said ANYTHING about my age and this marriage. I know that a lot of people are surprised I’m as young as I am when they ask but that’s because I act more adult then the other 19/20 year olds that they know. And I really don’t care what anyone else thinks, we’re happy, our families are happy. This marriage is a good thing.

But the FUNNIEST part of the whole story….is that my eyes are GREEN, not blue!!! LOL


2 Responses to “Smooth Lines”

  1. Kez Says:

    Haha. I got engaged at 22 and married at 23 – people told me then that I was SOOOO young.
    I don’t understand that, really. Age has nothing to do with it.
    We had lived together for 5 years and been through a lot of growth and experience!
    i think when people say that some people are getting married too “young” they mean they don’t know what life’s about or haven’t known their partners long and disaster is imminent. I think the word “young” is unfair because it isn’t about age. It’s about where someone is at when they make the big decision.

    I think someone who can’t even tell what colour your eyes are probably has no idea what marriage is!

    • Blur Says:

      LOL I know, and I totally agree, I don’t think someone can be “too young”
      I can see how someone would say that a couple hasn’t been together “long enough” but that has nothing to do with age, I wouldn’t marry someone I just met but I’ve been with Mr. Blur for 3 years and I’ve known him for 5!

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