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Off for the weekend! August 29, 2009

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Yay! In about a hour i’ll be off of work for the rest of the weekend! Tonight we’re having dinner with Mr. Blurs family and then stopping at my families to tell my brother happy birthday, today is his golden birthday!  Then tonight we’re having people over to celebrate my birthday and I so plan on getting schwasted 🙂 Then we have the whole day to rest on sunday 🙂 SWEET.


Sorry I lost my blogging mojo there for a while but I’m back at it now, My computer at home is junk right now it does’nt charge very well and only last about a half hour when it does get charged so therefore at home all I have time for is facebook and that darn addicting game Farmtown and maybe Farmville too but I only play that one because my family from arizona is obsessed with it and if I don’t play it they get all on my case about it 🙂

Other then that things here are great, we’ve been really busy with friends that are in town, we’ve seen them more this time then we have any other time they’ve visited.

Oh one bad thing that happend a couple days ago, we were outside mowing when Mr. Blur asked me to get him somthing, well I went around the house to get it and there was this snake!!! Albiet it was small, it doesnt matter to me at all. Any snake is bad. So I screamed and ran to the front porch and refused to go outside. Mr. Blur tried finding it to move it or kill it but he could’nt find it so its still out there somewhere. I look and step carefully everytime I have to go outside. I serisouly cried like a little baby for like a half hour because of this thing.

I used to have this reoccuring nightmare about there being like a ocean of snakes outside my house, I don’t like them one bit. So I freaked out more then alittle bit.


One Response to “Off for the weekend!”

  1. Britt Says:

    Ew! The snake would have made me cry too 🙂

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