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and I dont want to forget a thing.

Its my BIRTHDAY!! September 1, 2009

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I am finally hitting the big 20!!

I am finally no longer a “teenager”

I had a wonderful meal with friends that are in town at Buffalo Wild Wings, I had a great meal with Mr. Blurs family and I am getting taken out to a “FANCY” restaurant with my family to celebrate my birthday and the sale of their other house.

It feels good to be in the 20s.

The 20s is where everything starts happening.

I’m getting married

we’re going to start a family (and probably finish one too) in my 20s

We’ll be redoing our house (or moving to another one as this one has no room for said family) in my 20s.

So many exciting things to look forward too. 🙂

“My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there”
Charles F. Kettering



One Response to “Its my BIRTHDAY!!”

  1. Kez Says:

    Happy birthday! The 20s sure are an action packed time – hope that they bring everything you’ve dreamed of 🙂

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