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Off to Convention! September 10, 2009

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We’re going on a weekend trip again. 🙂

A weekend away at the Annual Fireman’s Convention. We aren’t firefighters but Mr. Blur once was and his grandpa retired from it after 40 years, and his dad is currently on the department. He has been to 23 of the last 24 conventions so we kinda “have” to go just to keep the tradition there. My favorite part is that each year its held in a different town/city and the towns always have lots of garage sales because of all the people coming to visit (all the fire departments across the state come to the convention), and I love driving around the town looking at different things.

Everyone camps out on the designated convention spot and its so cool because they all set up they’re campers and tents in squares for each department so and put up signs telling who they are so you can ride around the grounds visiting with all these departments from everywhere. Its really neat. They also do competitions for different fireman activities like water-balling and hose things lol I don’t know too much about them yet as I’ve only gone 2 years now but they are fun to watch. 

I’ll let you all know how it goes when we get back! Maybe even a picture or two to try and show you what I described 🙂


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