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Why Hello there! Remeber me? November 7, 2009

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So its been awhile since i’ve made a visit to this little ‘ol blog and I was thinking it’s about time to update again. Lots has happened..

  • We got our engagement pictures done, we’ll be doing some more in the spring but the ones we got now are awesome and have some great fall colors, I did all the editing on them myself and I have a thing about pictures of feet/shoes/legs so I can upload some of those to show you.
  • Mr. Blur is FINALLY done with all his mandatory things for the OWI he got in june. He can get his license back in a couple weeks. Thats a huge relief.
  • My parents got their house sold, we got the money for the wedding, but other than that not much else has happened on the wedding front, we really need to start cracking on it so that im not stressed out the last 3 months with a ton of stuff to do. We’re less than 11 months away from the big day.
  • We had another Halloween party, it was fun, but also a lot of work to clean up 🙂
  • The losing weight thing is not going well, I just seem to want to eat all the time this last month and Im hoping it will get better, im going to start doing my Wii active again soon. Although that depends on this next bullet.
  • We found out I have a heart condition, it’s not life threatening but it also can be if not taken care of. I have more to say on this so I’ll do another post.

Im sure there have been other things but these are the major things.

It’s beautiful weather here this weekend and Im going to take full advantage of it considering it will probably be our last warm day. I want to put Christmas lights up on the house because I know we wont want to get out and do it in the cold(and I definitely dont want Mr. Blur on a ladder when its icy, considering a prosthetic leg isnt the easiest to control on a ladder)  but it’s definitely way to early for them(I wouldnt turn them on yet anyways) so maybe if were looking for something to do we’ll do it.


One Response to “Why Hello there! Remeber me?”

  1. Britt Says:

    Wow, sounds like a lot going on! I hope you’re taking good care of yourself with your new found heart condition!

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