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The heart beats.. November 8, 2009

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So ever since sophomore year of highschool I’ve had this thing where my heart will very suddenly start racing and pounding so hard that it hurts and makes it sometimes difficult to catch my breath. It didnt happen very often so I didnt really worry about it, it would only last around ten minutes then it would be done with.

 Well flash forward to last year and I have one and I finally decide im going to go to the ER and get it checked out..well it stopped before they hooked me up to any monitors and so they could not figure out what it was. They said since im so young they think it’s a panic attack or anxiety. I just knew in my heart that it wasnt either of those things because Im not freaking out over anything or worried or stressed or anything when these happen, theres nothing I can see that makes them happen more or less, it can be months between them or even days.

They put me on a 24 hr halter monitor and nothing happened so they said “yes must be anxiety” so I took it as that and went on with my life, they didnt happen for around 6 months than all of the sudden they were back, and more than ever, and longer than ever.

So I came back to the doctor and she put me on a 30 days halter monitor and within a week they had caught it and finally told me that I was right all a long and it is not anxiety/panic related at all but actually a heart condition called Supraventricular tachycardia or SVT, where my heart rate goes up to 250 beats a min(!) even thought the normal is under 100. It also goes into a rhythm that is dangerous. It’s not life threatening but can be if it last too long.

Apparently 1 in every 50 people have this and its more common in women..anyways the doctor wanted to put me on medicine but asked if we are planning on having kids, she doesnt want to put me on it then have to take me off or change it when/if I get pregnant so we wanted the safest drug out there but when she consulted a cardiologist about it he said that at my age it would be better to have this Procedure done. I go to the cardiologist on monday to discuss it with him.

The doctor has shown me things I can do on my own to get them to stop like gagging, coughing, splashing cold water on my face. And about 2 weeks ago I had one and I tried everything and it didnt work, the doctor also told me that if one didnt go away in 10 minutes then to go to the ER or I might have a heart attack from my heart over working and getting tired, well this one was already on about 20 minutes when I decided to go and by the time I got all hooked up it was still going on so at about 40 minutes of it the nurses and doctors started doing a lot of stuff, and that made me pretty worried, I got my first IV and it was quite an experience, it lasted a total of 55 minutes and then all of the sudden stopped.

THEN they decided to go ahead and put me on medicine until I can see the cardiologist, and I havent had one since so I think its working 🙂


2 Responses to “The heart beats..”

  1. Britt Says:

    Very scary feeling I can imagine! Hope all goes well at the cardiologists. T has a similar thing where his heart starts to race. I’m not sure if it’s an actual heart condition or if it’s anxiety but it’s very scary for him!

  2. Kez Says:

    Wow! I’m so glad you know what it is now! Good on you for being persistent. I hope the condition levels out for you.

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