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and I dont want to forget a thing.

Friday the 13th.. November 13, 2009

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Im not a very suspicious person so it really means nothing to me, just another day and the beginning of my weekend in about 3 hours 😀

The appointment with the Cardiologist went well, didnt take very long, just told me I can stay on the medicine and do the procedure whenever I feel up to it. With all the H1N1 stuff going around Im going to wait until probably march to do it. I forgot to ask the most important question and thats if I can be put to sleep for it so Im going to have to call them sometime and ask. Apparently this is a procedure they do while your awake and that terrifies me more than the actual procedure.

We also bought a new desktop computer, I probably shouldnt have but I needed something we can depend on and I’d like to get a printer too and be able to make our own things for the wedding and such. My taxes are going straight back into that account LOL

We havent hooked it up to the internet though so shortly we’ll be doing that, right now we’ve just been playing the sims 2 on it, I’ve never been able to play sims before so its kinda interesting lol

We’ve (me and my mom) decided its time to actually get serious about finding a dress, we’re less than 11 months away and I really don’t think i’ll be the kind of bride that picks the first one I try on (which obviously im not since i’ve tried on some one day but you know what I mean..)

We have absolutely no plans for this weekend and I love that. Im going to nap, clean, sleep, eat, and try to move all the pictures from the lap top to the desktop and then maybe start the slide show of pictures of us that I want to play at the reception, or one of my niece as a christmas or birthday present…oh the joy of doing things I want to do and not things I HAVE to do ie: work Lol

I hope you all have a GREAT weekend!!

Are any of you suspicious of friday the 13th?

Any big plans for this weekend?

Also any ideas on how to come up with titles for posts…Im the worst at that!


4 Responses to “Friday the 13th..”

  1. Britt Says:

    I just never name my posts. Bad. I know.

    Very exciting about the new computer! 🙂

    • Blur Says:

      LOl Britt you should name your posts because for some reason on my work computer I cant see/comment on your posts because I cant click on the post title to see the post with comments. (when I click the comments link it gives me a pop up window that nothing loads in, It has something to do with blogger because It does it to me with a lot of blogger blogs so I usually just click the title and then I can see the posts, comments and comment myself) I should just start numbering my posts lol

  2. Kez Says:

    Enjoy your weekend!! How nice that you don’t have plans. I miss those days!
    I’ll have them back soon though which is very exciting. This weekend I am studying for my LAST exam at university ever. Yes!!

    I never like the titles of my posts so I don’t know how to help you there! I guess when all else fails, just use something that sums up what’s in the post – people will then know exactly what they’re reading about (maybe I should take my own advice)!

    • Blur Says:

      Congratulations on being done with school, that has really got to be a load off the ol sholders! And sorry I dont comment much, I always read though 🙂

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