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The Name game November 28, 2009

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I have ten months left before Im to give up my last name, the name that has been “me” for the last 20 years.

Is it normal to mourn the lost of your maiden name? I feel like im going to be giving up “me”. I have a pretty unique last name, and with my first name thats also not overly common,  I was/am the only one in my family, and by doing a google and Facebook search, the only one in the world with this full name.

Im the only one.


I’ve been the only one for 20 years.

Mr. Blur has a big family and his family already has one other lady with my first named that married into his family and now has the same full name that i’ll have in ten months time. And I just dont know how I feel about that.

Im used to being unique, and granted that lady and her husband live 100s of miles away and rarely come to visit but just knowing there is another person out there with the same name is different then knowing you’re the only one.  When I think of my new name I think about her.

I dont want to hyphenate our names because im too old-fashioned for that, I want to take his name, I just dont want her to have it too 😦

Plus my last name now means something in this town, when people hear it they assume things (like I have money since my family “does”) which could offend some people but I rather liked having that status. I guess its a good thing I live in a small town so most people will know my maiden name.

Well I have ten more months to get used to it I guess.  I just cant wait to become his wife 😀


One Response to “The Name game”

  1. Kez Says:

    I had a bit of a grieving period when I had to change my name. I felt like society wanted me to forget who I was before I got married (which of course is only a recent development in my whole 25 years of life). I actually got a little feminist about it, despite wanting to be “traditional”. To be honest, my hubby’s family can be a bit full on sometimes and they are originally from my home town and I was a little scared of having their last name…snobby I know.
    Eventually though, I started to realise that I own this name (my married one) and I make it “me”.

    I realised that a name doesn’t change who you are. When I was adopted to Australia, my Korean name was changed into a Western name, so I figured it doesn’t matter changing it again!

    I now like my signature (although it’s creepily similar to the hubby’s) and I reply to it automatically. I went from the bottom of the alphabet to the top and it has its perks. I am also (unlike you – I totally sympathise though) now the only one of “me” in the inlaws family and according to google, the world!! Before, I was one of many!

    It will take a while to adjust but you’ll settle into yourself and realise you’re still the same.

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