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An update of sorts… January 13, 2010

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We finally got our new computer up and running, internet connected too obviously, thats what took the longest, we had to have a 50ft ethernet cord and jeez those are expensive…if you try and buy it in the stores-luckily we found one on amazon for 9 bucks, Score!

We also got a new car, a 2001 ford taurus. Its nothing fancy but I love it, its the newest car we’ve ever owned and its purple! (Mr. Blur calls it burgandy, psh!) We just paid our first payment today. And obviously the down payment came out of the wedding fund but at that point we needed a car more then we needed a DJ lol It is SOO nice to have something dependable!

Things are finally coming together with the wedding- I’ve changed my mind so much on what I want and most of that coordinates to what I think we can afford- I’ve thrown everything out there from eloping to a courthouse wedding and havent won one damn arguement other then the fact that they wanted this small building for the reception but I no matter how I looked at it I could not be happy with it so we’re back to our first choice and we’re having a small ceremony at a big historical house here in town. Which im pretty excited about.

I had my surgery on dec. 18th and it wasnt as bad as I thought it was going to be (the catherter to go the the bathroom(which they neglected to warn me about) was VERY painful) but other then that it was pretty simple.

I’d love to be able to tell you right now that it worked and im all better but unfortunatly it didnt and im now scheduled for a second surgery on Feb 19th…and I sure hope this one works or I wont be able to dance at my own reception( in which case we wont be having a dancing reception, I’m not watching other people dance at my own wedding)

Well I gotta take off to work but I hope to keep this up more- but no promises! haha


One Response to “An update of sorts…”

  1. Kez Says:

    Good luck with the surgery!

    Good to hear your wedding planning is coming along.

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