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Telling the parents and wedding plans April 25, 2010

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Well we told the parents and grandparents pretty quickly since we knew we had to stop the wedding planning for now.  It went really well. They are very excited. We told my parents the night of the 24th and I had actually spent time with my mom during the day but wanted us both to be there to tell them both at the same time. They were shocked but very excited.

Then the next morning we were going to tell Mr. Blurs grandparents (they raised him) but there was a lot of his extended family at church with us and we all go out to dinner afterwards and I knew they would ask about wedding plans so we told the grandparents RIGHT after church to give them a heads up and then we went ahead and told the rest of the family at lunch when they asked about the wedding plans. They are very excited too.

Then that night we made the rest of the stops to tell everyone else like his mom and then over to his dads house. They were all shocked but excited.

Then someone threw out there that we could get married in July at the family campground. They have a barn there they do meals and dances in and his dad could get it for free or next to nothing. Well even back in the start of wedding plans I always wanted an outside wedding and  a reception in a barn and im finally getting the wedding I wanted all along so that’s a MAJOR plus to this whole baby thing 🙂

Its going to be a much smaller wedding and only the people who really REALLy care about us and want to be there will make the arrangements to get there since its going to be a weekend event 2 hours away from home.

I am super excited! Now I just have to find a nice summery white dress but I have no clue if I’ll be showing by then, my guess is no since its only 2 months away but I already have a belly pre baby so something with an empire waist will be perfect.


3 Responses to “Telling the parents and wedding plans”

  1. Kez Says:

    Sounds like you’re having an amazing time of your life! So great that everyone is so excited for you 🙂
    Your dream wedding, and a baby – awesome!

    • Blur Says:

      Thank you! Its definetly a whirlwind of exciting things 😀 I cant wait for the wedding to be here and then we can start going back to “normal” or as close to normal as things will ever be again LOL

  2. Britt Says:

    How exciting! The new wedding plans sound fantastic and I’m so glad everyone is being supportive for you!

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