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6 weeks May 3, 2010

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So I’m 6 weeks today and at the start of a very long and busy week for me.

Monday(today) work 7-10am, Get Blood test & work 2:30- 9:30pm

Tuesday work 7-10 and 2:30-9:30pm

Wednesday work 7-10 & 3-6 and Dinner with all the rents and MOH and Best man for wedding planning

Thursday work 7-10 and 2:30-9:30

Friday work 7-10, 11 OBGYN appt (45 mins away) and work 2:30-9:30

Saturday work 8 am-12:20

I’ve worked the last 4 weeks 6 days a week and now with all the baby stuff and wedding stuff I’m getting a little overwhelmed.
Mr Blur and his grandparents wanted me to spend my ONLY day off driving 2 hours to the wedding site on sunday and I had to tell them NO, I actually had a mini breakdown I just kept yelling “im so sick of having to be somewhere ALL THE TIME!! GRRR”. I need one day to just lay on the couch lol so after that Mr blur put me on “bed rest” lol

Not to mention the long night we had in the ER the friday before (the 30th) the right ovary pain got really sharp so I went over to the ER (down the hall I work there) and talked to the doctor and she said she wanted me to get an ultrasound right away but they don’t do ultrasounds after hours so I needed to go to the bigger hospital (45 mins away) well it was already 9:30 so we go there and are there until 1 in the morning and they didn’t even order an ultrasound! Since I had just had one 2 days prior. So they just did blood work and a pelvic exam. I could have done all that at my ER but still nothing showed what this pain is and it’s not too bad just there…thats why I have a follow-up OBGYN appt friday. 

The blood work came back good at 9000 and I had another one today to make sure it doubled and it was supposed to be at least 18000 and it came out to 20,678!! So that was very good to hear as long as the baby’s all right and the pain isnt horrible I’m just going to try to stop worrying about it.


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  1. kimmy8989 Says:

    Congratulations on your pregnancy.

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