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12 weeks 2 days June 18, 2010

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Wow I can’t believe I let a whole 6 weeks go by without posting, sorry about that but to be honest it has been a pretty miserable 6 weeks…

I have good days and bad days with the morning sickness but it’s always there. I had my first OB appt Friday June 11th and the 2 days before I went in I was puking almost every hour. Couldnt keep anything down. So when I went in for my appt I was really dehydrated so they gave me 2 bags of fluid and zofran. That was a week ago and I’ve only puked once since then, I still feel crappy a lot but I’ll take that over puking any day.

After I got the fluids and medicine I felt 95% better, I still didn’t have any energy to stand around (we went and picked up Mr Blurs suit for the wedding after the appt, and had I not gotten the fluids we wouldn’t have been able to get that) But we had a good lunch and got a couple of wedding things accomplished. Slowly but surely things are coming together I have a  million things on my to do list and only 28 days left until the big day.

As for the baby things are looking great, we heard the heartbeat it was 170 bpm and we heard the baby moving and kicking at the doppler..I cant wait to feel those kicks though 😀 Also got good news through my insurance if we can squeeze out this baby this year I wont have to pay ANYTHING because I’ve already met my deductible and out-of-pocket spending since I had that heart surgery in february.

Our next appt is July 9th and then from there I think it’ll be time to schedule the anatomy scan to see what we’re having 😀 I really think it’s a girl but what do I know I’ve never been through this before LOL


One Response to “12 weeks 2 days”

  1. Britt Says:

    Glad to hear you and baby are doing well. 28 days! So close! 🙂

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