Because Life Gets Blurry

and I dont want to forget a thing.

26 weeks and 3 days September 25, 2010

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Only 95 days left to go!! :-/ 🙂

Well today is the day I would have been getting married, and this little baby has proved time and time again to be a blessing in disguise because today would have been an awful day for a wedding…its rainy and cold!!

I’ve been feeling for the most part pretty good this week. My sinus are acting up a little but so far no pukies again. I do have this awful strain pulling on my right side near my ovaries that has been hurting more and I’m pretty sure its round ligament pain but it has been hurting enough that it gets hard to walk, and if I have to go pee, then it hurts ten times more…and its only on one side so I think that’s kinda odd and I may call the doc monday just to double-check things, she did mention is could be a cyst and im sure they’d just do another US to make sure everything  ok in that area and I wouldn’t be opposed to another chance to see this baby 😀 but we’ll see cause the doctor’s office is 45 mins away and they always make me wait forever so only if it’s still really bad monday will I call. I’m just going to try to rest up and drink lots of water this weekend and hope that helps.

Well that’s about it for updates, things are coming along well in the baby items gathering 😀 We just need a boppy and a baby bathtub (and two people have said they have one for us) and then we’ll be all set except for things like diapers, wipes, formula/breastfeeding items, and diaper cream and Tylenol and such. Those are the things we hope to get at the showers, although gift cards would be awesome since it would cover all that I know most people don’t like giving just gift cards.

Oh and I guess we do also need somewhere for this kid to sleep lol, I want to get this mini crib but Mr blur doesn’t want to until he can see it first but it isn’t in stores only online so I’ve got to find out in a store around here to show him it, its only 170 bucks or so and we need to order it sooner rather than later since it is an online only thing…

Oh all the things that need done in the next 13 (yikes!) weeks!


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