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30 Weeks Tomorrow! October 19, 2010

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Well tomorrow our countdown will be down to just 10 weeks otherwise known as 7o DAYS!!!

I remember looking at the wedding count down when it was at 70 days…now we just passed the 3 months of marriage mark…and still going strong šŸ˜€

Things have been good. Finally getting things done around the house, its starting to hit me that we don’tĀ have much time left and the nesting is finally beginning.

I figured out what the pain is ive been having, I do have round ligament pain but also pain from my pelvis splitting, apparently its suppose to stretch and mine hurts a lot when it’s doingĀ that. Some days are worse than others but the last couple days have been ok. It just makes it difficult to walk comfortably.

Also when I sit down and try to bend over to pick anything up I get a weird cramp like thing and I know its his body getting in the way. I’ve been feeling him up top more and more and I know with in the next couple weeks is when they are supposed toĀ turn head down for delivery. Mr. Blur felt an actual body part last night rather than just kicks and movements, he said “that was creepy” lol I think it is too šŸ™‚

Well thatsĀ about it for new things…I have my next apptĀ November 1st when im 32 weeks and then its every two weeks for appts! That will make time go quick too. Then we have 2 birth classes the first two Wednesdays in december. Time should continue to move pretty quickly.

*******Also almost forgot but Mr Blur got a new job today!! He starts monday and we are very excited for this opportunityĀ he’s never done full-timeĀ before and with the money he’ll be bringing in we wont have to scrape by nearly as bad as we are this month (he had disability income but since we got married and my income was “too much” they cut it at the beginningĀ of this month (with no warning I might add, they told us originally that my 2 part time jobs wouldnt effect his disability income “much” psf!!)and we used that money solely for rent and utilities so it really was hurting us right now not having it) but now the stress can melt away :D…at least I hope lol


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