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After birth February 2, 2011

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While I got stichted up (minor tears) Mr. Blur went and talked to our baby and got to hold him. Then I got to hold him, he felt so tiny. It was such a surreal feeling holding my own baby.

Family trickled in to meet him and to hold him and learn his name. They loved him and his name πŸ˜€

I was still sick, still throwing up and felt too weak to hold him so everyone else did. Then a couple hours later after everyone left, I asked them to take him to the nursery because me and hubby were exhausted. They had to come in and check me several times, and I went in and used the bathroom pretty soon after. (The little water bottle thing is amazing!) Then around 2 in the morning the nurse came in and said she wanted to give him his bath because they were so anxious to see his hair all cleaned up. So we did that and he just looked so cute.

Then the housekeeping lady came in and cleaned the room so we could fold down the big bed and sleep more comfortably. She was a talker! She chatted non stop and I really wanted her to stop talking cause hubby was still trying to sleep in the window sill thing LOL

So then we got some sleep until morning when we asked them to bring him to us. They said he did great in the nursery and passed his hearing test with flying colors. We spent the morning cuddling and getting to know each other. Hubby went home to shower and then we just relaxed with family visiting the rest of the day.

He got his photos taken and the photographer said “he must not have read the books, he’s not suppose to be doing that yet” joking about how he could already lift his head and turn it.

We sent him back to the nursery that night- it was really important to me to get as much rest as I could now so that I was in good shape to take care of him when we got home. I did feel great too for just giving birth, it was a little sore to sit down but that went away mostly the next day.

The morning we left (sat, december 11th) there was a snow storm coming so we wanted to get discharged as soon as possible so we could get home first. He was down to 6lbs 4 oz (which is normal to lose a little)

Β He got his manly surgery done that morning and did just fine. Then we packed everything and him up and we headed home. It was a 35 minute drive and we made it home JUST in time, it started snowing on the way and was covering the roads by the time we pulled in the drive.

All in all the hospital stay was great, our post partum nurse was FANTASTIC, we absolutly loved her. All the nurses were great though. The food was actually really good too.

So that finishs up the birth story πŸ™‚ Im so happy to have my little man here and safe and healthy. πŸ˜€


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  1. Kez Says:

    Congrats!!! I wish you lots of love and joy xxx

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