Because Life Gets Blurry

and I dont want to forget a thing.

weeks 1-8 February 3, 2011

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when RJ was one week old we took him for his check up and he was back up to his birth weight. He was drinking 2 oz every 3 hours and was sleeping when he wasnt eating. He was also changing in looks everyday 😀

The nights werent as bad as I was suspecting. I actually didnt feel too bad not getting much sleep. We did take advantage and let gma take him for the night, so we could get a full nights sleep and that has been wonderful.

So far he has stayed at one of his grandmas houses once a week since he’s been born. We feel its imortant for him to know them well and get comfortable with them and their houses and I know he likes looking at other peoples faces and not just ours. We love him and he’s well taken care of and happy but we dont feel he has to be with us 24/7 like some parents do. Our family is his too and they have every right to get to know him and spend time with him too and we trust them completly so its been nice to get a break and some time for us together.

As of last wednesday he is 10lbs 8oz

Currently drinking 4-6 oz every 3-4 hours. Does not have his nights and days mixed up. During the day he stayes awake most of the day except for 2 naps and during the night he only gets up to get changed/fed then he goes right back to sleep (MOST nights I should say :D)

He’s wearing size one diapers and still fits in some newborn clothes but mostly the 0-3 month stuff.  He makes great eye contact and has started smiling some, not as much as i’d like to see but it will come.

He rolled over from belly to back at 6 weeks old!!! That surprised us. He has awesome head control and doesnt hate tummy time. Doesnt show much interest in toys or rattles yet. But loves staring at our faces and listening to our voices.

We love our little monkey so much.


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