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Going back to work February 4, 2011

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Because I was put on bedrest a week before he was born I had to go back to work when he was 5 weeks old.

My mom or hubbys grandma comes to watch him when I go to work at 3:30 then dad takes over when he gets home at 6pm, I work until 9:30pm

He likes to be fussy for dad. Its been hard on me to leave him with dad because dad tries very hard but does get frustrated. Dad then calls me at work and that’s just worse cause then I’m at work crying because I can’t just leave work all the time to help him. It’s such a learning process and dad just doesn’t do as much for him as I do, I’m with him all day, I only work tues and thurs nights and dad just doesn’t have the touch that mommy does. He cries a lot for him, he doesn’t do that for me. I’ve had to leave work early to go home and help him, he’s had to bring him to my work even so that I could help calm him down. As soon as I have him in my arms he calms down. I try to explain to mr blur not to take it personally and that just my smell calms him…but its been hard.  But I have faith that it will get better…


3 Responses to “Going back to work”

  1. Patti Says:

    I totally understand how you feel. My husband gets super frustrated when our son cries and can’t get him calmed down. It’s still rough on him and our son is 10 months old. Things will get better tho, I promise!

  2. Britt Says:

    This post makes me grateful to live in Canada with a one year paid mat leave! I can’t even imagine going back to work with a 5 week old baby at home!

  3. Kez Says:

    Wow, you’re a trooper! I hope gets better for mr blur! I’m sure it will all get better soon! X

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