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The best compliment ever. February 8, 2011

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I got hit with the best compliment ever last night. Just days after reading this post actually.

My hubby told me that Rj was lucky to have me, that he knows he’s lucky to have a father that loves and cares  about him(as many fathers out there dont put as much effort into their babys as my hubby does) but that he’s twice as lucky to have me. That I do such a good job taking care of me, and that he can tell that Rj loves me.

And it really is the best feeling ever to get that compliment- but also a little awkward- how do I respond, do I say thank you? Because to me, there just is no other way, kinda like after I had Rj and EVERYONE kept saying , “you did good” or “you guys have a cute one, he’s just perfect, you did good” I never understood that because I didnt do anything that wasnt just natural. I didnt do anything to make him come out perfect- I had no control over that. Just like being a good mom to him, I dont have control over that (I suppose I do but there is just no other option in my mind) I do what I have to for him because I love taking care of him and watching him grow, I love him with all my heart.


One Response to “The best compliment ever.”

  1. Kez Says:

    Awww it must feel so great to be appreciated like that. I guess people say you ‘did good’ because they are trying to say your child is beautiful and how lucky you are xo

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