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3 Months March 8, 2011

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Little man will be 3 months old tomorrow…I seriously feel like he just turned 2 months.

His picture was in the paper today for winning the cute baby contest 🙂

Weight: As of today he is 13lbs 12oz, wearing size 1 diapers still

still in 0-3 month clothes but im not sure how much longer, soon he’ll have to go to 3-6 month

He’s been doing so well with sleeping. I’ve really been trying to put in a schedule for bedtime. At 8:30 he has his last bottle, 6oz and then he gets a fresh diaper, swaddled and rocked until 9:30 then put in his crib- then he’ll sleep till 4:30 – 5:30am

Activity- He’s showing a lot more interest in rattles but still doesnt try to hold them or reach for them. Just stares intently at them. He also found his hands and likes to chew on them. Other then that not any major changes. We bought him a bumbo chair and he sits up in that like a little man its so cute.

He’s been super smiley lately when he’s in the mood to smile..

We think he’s starting to teeth, he’s been super crabby and cries this weird cry for what seems like no reason at all. He’s been drooling more and chewing on his hands a lot. Also taking the pacifier more then usual so I dont know if that feels good on his teeth or what? But we went to the doctor today to make sure his ears werent bothering him because he has woke up every 2 hours last night just said its probably teething and that he thinks he has a we just have to wait it out…Currently he is at home with dad just SCREAMING…still cant figure out why he gives dad such a hard time..


**sigh** this too shall pass..s0meday…


One Response to “3 Months”

  1. Kez Says:

    Aww I hope things settle down for you soon x

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