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Making the switch March 26, 2011

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I think im a little to excited about this 🙂

I ordered a Softbums diaper the other day, so that I’d have something to show Mr. Blur when I talk to him about switching to cloth diapers (hey the worst he can say is no, but I don’t think he will once he sees how they work, and even if he does, at least I’ll have a diaper I can use if we ran out of disposable)

I also decided to switch to cloth wipes the wipes we’ve tried leave little Rjs bum all red and I was told by a few nurses that cloth is better, and if im already going to be washing this diaper it wont be any harder to do cloth.

But anyways this diaper comes with 3 inserts and one “cover” which fits and looks just like a regular diaper. So with each change (unless it’s a epic blowout) you just change the insert, so you could use the same insert all day as long as it stays clean, and just use inserts which are 3-5 dollars a piece. I figured if Mr. Blur okays it I’ll order one more pack($35) and a few extra inserts so that will get us through 1 maybe even 2 days and then I can wash them every other day. The detergent to use is about $13 dollars(depending on which kind you get) and lasts a long time I’ve read because you use such a tiny amount.

I already have a sprayer on the tub which reaches to the toilet to use as a “diaper sprayer” you just spray BM into the toilet and then put into a small plastic trashcan until your ready to wash. Then just wash the can out.

Theyre good for the economy, good for the baby, good for the pocketbook, and super cute..I bought the “ocean blue” color 🙂

I havent told anybody yet, I’d rather put it into action first then hear everyone’s criticism about it because honestly I’ve done a lot of research on it and it does not look hard AT all. If I was working a full-time job it may be a little more difficult but I’m part-time so I have time to wash them at home.

We’re going to build up our stash slowly, probably just use cloth part-time until I get enough diapers for using it full-time- I’m thinking I’ll need at least 4 diapers to do it full time and lots of inserts. Luckily Rj doesnt poop a lot, just about once a day..and he isn’t a heavy wetter, we usually only change him at feedings so that’s about 5 times a day..

So yea, I’m pretty excited…about diapers LOL I can’t wait for them to show up 🙂 I’ll let you all know how it goes!

Ps: this one diaper should last until he’s potty trained!  It fits 6-35lbs+


One Response to “Making the switch”

  1. Stacia Says:

    I was just going to write a post about this!! I want to know how people do cloth and how it works for them so please keep us all updated!!

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