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5 months May 17, 2011

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Well Little man is 5 months old now, how that happened I dont know lol

Here is our schedule during the day

6am 60z bottle

9:30am cereal mixed with half a container of fruit, followed by 6oz bottle

2-3pm 6oz bottle

6-7pm 6oz bottle

9:30pm cereal mixed with half a container of veggie, followed by 6oz bottle

Bed 10-10:30 pm  he wakes up a few times at night for his paci and a back pat but then goes right back to sleep, I dont even have to pick him up 99% of the time.

He can sit up by himself for at most a minute and then he topples over but we’re practicing it

He loves putting everything in his mouth. He can roll but chooses not to most of the time.  He is getting so fun! We can get some belly laughs out of him sometimes but what works once wont work the next time lol

He got baptized this past weekend and it went wonderful. He was such a little ham and looked great so cute in his little outfit. And we had a great meal with the family afterwards. It was a great weekend.

He was 17lbs last I checked which was around 4months so im sure he’s over 18 probably 19lbs by now.

Also Head on over to Awesomley Unprepared Kez has big news!! Major CONGRATS to her!! So excited to follow in her journey, (and also, I have the pregnancy 6th sense and knew that’s what you were hiding!) I can spot a pregnant lady from the back of her head LOL Dont ask me how I just always get hit with this “oh is she pregnant” and then BAM she turns around and is most definitely pregnant! haha anyways im so happy for you Kez!


One Response to “5 months”

  1. Kez Says:

    Awwww thanks so much for the shout out and well wishes! I have enjoyed following your journey into motherhood and it’s so great that now you’re following mine!

    I can’t believe the little man is 5 months already!! I really should be taking notes on all this stuff hahaha.

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