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This time last year! April 22, 2011

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I was at work one day at the daycare I worked at, and I was looking at the kids and just thought about how this time 2 or 3 years ago they were nothing but a dream for their parents. And now here they were as little actual living people playing with toys and looking at books. So I got this really weird urge that I wanted to write a letter to our future child.

I sat down that night and wrote out a letter just explaining how we were in the crazy process of planning our wedding that was just 5 months away and that after we got married we would be trying for them and where we were right now in our lives job wise and ages and just little things like that. That we dreamed about them already and hoped to be pregnant by the same time next year. And that was that- I put the letter away in a safe spot.

Then I was a day or two late but thats happened before and it was always nothing. But I had a cheapie test so I decided to take it (because you know AF will show up right after you test lol!) Well I got this…

life changing..

I couldnt believe it!! Never seen THAT line before!! HUGE surprise!!

A few weeks later I got the letter out to put with the other baby papers and looked at the date on it- 3 DAYS before I took the test!! The paper was dated 4-20-10 and I took the test 4-23-2010 a year from tomorrow!! So in one year we went from that to this.. And we couldnt be happier.


The induction/Birth story February 1, 2011

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I couldn’t keep you waiting until tomorrow so here’s the next part:

The doctors nurse called me on the monday before and said to be at L&D on the night of the 8th to start cervidil to do that over night to get my cervix effaced and opening. So we go in at 5:30 ont he 8th and get all settled in our room and we were just so excited to be meeting our baby with in the next two days.

So when the doctor comes in to insert the cervidill she tells me im already 3cms dilated and that the cervadil isn’t needed. I was happy to hear that but then she said I could go home! I was like hell no, I came here to have a baby I don’t wanna go home. But they talked me into it saying I needed to get a full nights sleep (and I wouldn’t get that there) so they gave me a ambien and we went home. I took that ambien and sat on the couch for a while then about 20 mins later I needed I was so sleepy I needed help walking to our bedroom. LOL

So we go in the next morning, the 9th, at 7:30 and get settled in AGAIN. The doctor came in a 8:30 and broke my water. Then at 9am we started pitocin. I was fine for about 2 hours, playing around on facebook. Even ordered some more checks online. Then around 11 the contractions got VERY painful. I pushed the lap top away and couldn’t really focus on anything. I didn’t want my husband touching me either.

They offered pain medication and said I could get the epidural at anytime. I wanted to hold off as long as I could. But I said ok to the IV pain meds.  Then the nurse said she was going to call the anesthesiologist to come in because he usually took some time getting there.

The IV meds werent helping all that much either. Then all of a sudden a contraction hit and I felt this weird off sensation and then I felt really loopy and the intensity of the contraction let up a little bit.

Just then at noon the Epidural guy showed up. So I sat on the edge of the bed with Mr. Blur and the nurse holding me, He took a long time to get the epidural in. But once in it was amazing! I don’t know how people do it without if you have then you deserve an award! I was around 5 cm dilated when I got that.

After that things went smoothly, family arrived and we chatted, they came in and out. Then around 5 they checked me again and I was at 10cms! But the doctor said no pushing until I felt the urge to push.

Another hour later at 6 I started feeling a slight urge to push so we started.

This is when hubby got SUPER amazing, (he was amazing the whole time) but we really worked as a team for pushing, the nurse didn’t really do much except watch. She kept saying “oh you guys got this” and telling other nurses how great of a team we were.

Because of the epidural my right leg was completely numb, my left one wasnt as bad. So the hubby every push would lift my right leg up and hold it for me and count for me. It was 3 pushes of 10 counts. I tried doing more sometimes. For the first 2 I’d do more because every time on the last one I was get really nausea and not be able to finish it. I threw up on every third push(which actually helped him come down the birth canal) but it was really hard on me, I was getting so tired.

I ended up pushing for 3 hours! Way more than I thought i’d have to. I finally said “we ARE getting him out, I am tired of pushing!!” and then everyone came in (doctor and more nurses) and I pushed him out at 9:02 pm, 12 hours since starting pitocin and 3 hours of pushing..

R J was here

December 9th, 2010

6lbs 15oz

19 inches long

Happy and Healthy With a head FULL of dark hair, with long fingers and toes.


Leading up to Birth Story

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Wow where do I even begin?

Its been so long since I’ve sat down to write in this blog- I wonder if any ones even reading..but it doesn’t really matter because I want to write this stuff for my own documentation. SO here goes…The birth story. Kinda. more like leading up to the birth story lol

At my 36 week(wed dec 2nd) appointment (with a doctor that was not my usual) we were to go to my appointment then hang around until our first birth class that night. We went into my appointment and they took my blood pressure and it was up a little again (it always was when I first got into my appointments) so they had me lay on my left side then they took it again after a few mins. It was still elevated and there was a trace of protein in my urine so they sent me on over to labor and delivery. They also checked me for the first time and I was at 2cm dilated and 50% effaced!!Surprised me!

They wheeled me over to L&D and they told me my doctor was the one on call which was great. They hooked me up to monitor and everything looked fine. They did blood work and it was fine. I had a slight headache so they gave me some Tylenol and we just waited around. My blood pressure was back to normal when I got to L&D.

My doctor came in and said they were going to have me do a 24 hour urine test and if that came back over 300 that they were going to induce me Wednesday when I reached full term at 37 weeks(dec. 8th).

I left that night with a big pee holder thing and a note to get out of work because the pee had to be kept refrigerated. I had to collect ALL urine for 24 hours.  We then went to our birth class which was incidentally in the same building. It went great, got some useful information, lots I already knew but hubby didn’t so that was good.

Then we went home and I followed the rules knowing that everything was fine and that the urine test would come back normal.  Friday the 4th I took it in and dropped it at the lab and saw my doctor for a follow-up. She then told me she thought I was working too much and that it would take some time to get the labs back from the urine but she thought I needed to be taken off of work. This bummed me out because I only got 6 weeks of Mat. leave and didn’t want to use it up before the baby arrived. My plan/goal was to work until he arrived so I’d have the full 6 weeks with him.

So I went on home and took it easy and got some more stuff done around the house. Then I got a call around one from my doctor saying the levels of protein came back at like 341. I was mildly pre ecclamptic. So she was putting me on bed rest until Wednesday and then I would be induced. I was shocked!! So I called the hubby and everyone else and let them know our little man would be here sooner than later. Everyone was so excited.

So I tried being on bedrest as much as possible but man that is hard to do when you have so much you want to make sure is done and in place before little man arrives. I also hadn’t done mat pictures yet and really didn’t want to miss out on documenting my belly. So I snuck out for a few (seriously like 5 pictures) with a photographer friend on that sunday and I’m sooo glad I did. I cherish those pictures so much.

This is getting long so I’ll write-up the induction in the next post…


30 Weeks Tomorrow! October 19, 2010

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Well tomorrow our countdown will be down to just 10 weeks otherwise known as 7o DAYS!!!

I remember looking at the wedding count down when it was at 70 days…now we just passed the 3 months of marriage mark…and still going strong 😀

Things have been good. Finally getting things done around the house, its starting to hit me that we don’t have much time left and the nesting is finally beginning.

I figured out what the pain is ive been having, I do have round ligament pain but also pain from my pelvis splitting, apparently its suppose to stretch and mine hurts a lot when it’s doing that. Some days are worse than others but the last couple days have been ok. It just makes it difficult to walk comfortably.

Also when I sit down and try to bend over to pick anything up I get a weird cramp like thing and I know its his body getting in the way. I’ve been feeling him up top more and more and I know with in the next couple weeks is when they are supposed to turn head down for delivery. Mr. Blur felt an actual body part last night rather than just kicks and movements, he said “that was creepy” lol I think it is too 🙂

Well thats about it for new things…I have my next appt November 1st when im 32 weeks and then its every two weeks for appts! That will make time go quick too. Then we have 2 birth classes the first two Wednesdays in december. Time should continue to move pretty quickly.

*******Also almost forgot but Mr Blur got a new job today!! He starts monday and we are very excited for this opportunity he’s never done full-time before and with the money he’ll be bringing in we wont have to scrape by nearly as bad as we are this month (he had disability income but since we got married and my income was “too much” they cut it at the beginning of this month (with no warning I might add, they told us originally that my 2 part time jobs wouldnt effect his disability income “much” psf!!)and we used that money solely for rent and utilities so it really was hurting us right now not having it) but now the stress can melt away :D…at least I hope lol


26 weeks and 3 days September 25, 2010

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Only 95 days left to go!! :-/ 🙂

Well today is the day I would have been getting married, and this little baby has proved time and time again to be a blessing in disguise because today would have been an awful day for a wedding…its rainy and cold!!

I’ve been feeling for the most part pretty good this week. My sinus are acting up a little but so far no pukies again. I do have this awful strain pulling on my right side near my ovaries that has been hurting more and I’m pretty sure its round ligament pain but it has been hurting enough that it gets hard to walk, and if I have to go pee, then it hurts ten times more…and its only on one side so I think that’s kinda odd and I may call the doc monday just to double-check things, she did mention is could be a cyst and im sure they’d just do another US to make sure everything  ok in that area and I wouldn’t be opposed to another chance to see this baby 😀 but we’ll see cause the doctor’s office is 45 mins away and they always make me wait forever so only if it’s still really bad monday will I call. I’m just going to try to rest up and drink lots of water this weekend and hope that helps.

Well that’s about it for updates, things are coming along well in the baby items gathering 😀 We just need a boppy and a baby bathtub (and two people have said they have one for us) and then we’ll be all set except for things like diapers, wipes, formula/breastfeeding items, and diaper cream and Tylenol and such. Those are the things we hope to get at the showers, although gift cards would be awesome since it would cover all that I know most people don’t like giving just gift cards.

Oh and I guess we do also need somewhere for this kid to sleep lol, I want to get this mini crib but Mr blur doesn’t want to until he can see it first but it isn’t in stores only online so I’ve got to find out in a store around here to show him it, its only 170 bucks or so and we need to order it sooner rather than later since it is an online only thing…

Oh all the things that need done in the next 13 (yikes!) weeks!


25 weeks 2 days September 17, 2010

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Its been a couple of weeks since my last update. Things are going well. I feel this little boy all the time, mostly down low but every once in a while I’ll get kicks up at the top of my belly, which are most fun because those are the kicks that other people can feel and  that make my belly jump and I often get distracted just watching my belly move.

I’m still sick every once in a while, Tuesday was an especially bad day for me. I was puking all day! I’ve felt better since then though. I had my 6th month check up on monday and everything looked great, all they did was measure my belly (for the first time, said it measured right on target) and listened to the baby’s heart beat (150/160s). The worst part about the appt was the wait, my appt was at 2:30 and I didn’t see the doctor until 4!! For a 2 min appt! Never again will I have a monday appt, apparently Mondays are usually pretty crazy around there.

Next appt is in October, the 11th I think. It’s the one where I have to do the glucose diabetes test…oh joy. lol By that appt I will be in my 28th week and officially in the 3rd trimester! How in the world did that happen?!? 😀

We’ve gotten a few clothes and things as gifts and then I’ve also been garage saleing and found lots of cute clothes, and everyday im getting less sacred and more excited to have him here. I can’t wait for baby snuggles…and this time from a baby that’s mine-how crazy is that!!

We also got an infant carrier/stroller/2 car seat bases for 60 bucks. The infant seat will expire Dec 2011 so we will get one years use out of it, although I’ve been told they don’t use the same car seat for THAT long…but I really don’t know anything about car seats so I need to do some reasearch on how long he’ll be using this one. We’ve also received some bottles and a few toys and such. Other then the baby nessceties like diapers and wipes and the million other things babies need lol we just need a crib to be able to bring this baby home. There is a crib that I want to buy that’s about 170 dollars and its a “mini” crib the same size as a pack and play and I think it will be just perfect for his half of his room. Since we don’t have a second bedroom yet he’ll be bunking up with us (which I hate but we don’t have any other options right now, I’ve put my foot down on starting a huge renovation project until spring, when we could then possibly move in with relatives till it gets done, our house is just too small and old to have a baby in it while doing major remodeling)

Well that’s about everything that’s going on these days. Little by little we’re getting things in the house cleared out so there is some room for this baby and eventually it will all come together. We’ve only got 14ish weeks left!!(CRAZY!)

PS We have a name officially picked out- just cant share it yet cause its a secret 😀 Unless Mr. Blur spills first then I can 😀


16 Weeks 2 Days July 15, 2010

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Also known as TWO days before the wedding!!

We head out in the morning with our caravan of bridal party to our destination. We then spend all day setting up, cooking, spotting picture areas and just getting all the nitty things worked out.

Im very excited and I hope everything goes well. The weather seems to be holding up as far as rain on saturday, its suppose to be hot- 91 degrees but the humity isnt suppose to be to bad. Rain on sunday- and sunday is the day Im looking forward to most, just relaxing together as husband and wife, we’ll be in our hotel then so rain wont be a bother 😀

The baby is doing great, I think I may be feeling it somewhat these last couple days but I try not to get my hopes up since it could still be a couple weeks before I know for sure if that what it is.

We find out the gender in 4 weeks at our anatomy scan on August 13th. I try not to think about that too much or its going to make for a long wait.

Well I gotta get going and finish gathering up all my bathroom nessecities, its so difficult getting ready for something as big as your own wedding in a hotel room 2 hours away! I hope I dont forget anything.

And next time you hear from me I will be MRS. BLUR 😀