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5 months May 17, 2011

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Well Little man is 5 months old now, how that happened I dont know lol

Here is our schedule during the day

6am 60z bottle

9:30am cereal mixed with half a container of fruit, followed by 6oz bottle

2-3pm 6oz bottle

6-7pm 6oz bottle

9:30pm cereal mixed with half a container of veggie, followed by 6oz bottle

Bed 10-10:30 pm  he wakes up a few times at night for his paci and a back pat but then goes right back to sleep, I dont even have to pick him up 99% of the time.

He can sit up by himself for at most a minute and then he topples over but we’re practicing it

He loves putting everything in his mouth. He can roll but chooses not to most of the time.  He is getting so fun! We can get some belly laughs out of him sometimes but what works once wont work the next time lol

He got baptized this past weekend and it went wonderful. He was such a little ham and looked great so cute in his little outfit. And we had a great meal with the family afterwards. It was a great weekend.

He was 17lbs last I checked which was around 4months so im sure he’s over 18 probably 19lbs by now.

Also Head on over to Awesomley Unprepared Kez has big news!! Major CONGRATS to her!! So excited to follow in her journey, (and also, I have the pregnancy 6th sense and knew that’s what you were hiding!) I can spot a pregnant lady from the back of her head LOL Dont ask me how I just always get hit with this “oh is she pregnant” and then BAM she turns around and is most definitely pregnant! haha anyways im so happy for you Kez!


4 Months April 19, 2011

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Little Man is 4 months old now! Well he was ten days ago, im alittle behind on this as I havent been close to a computer for a while.

Weight: at his check up he was 15lbs 8oz, He’s wearing all 3-6 month clothing and size 2 diapers when we use disposables

Height: he’s 25 1/2 inches

Eating: Formula fed- 6ozs every 3 1/2 to 4 hours, we also started cereal! He doesnt like it much, i’ve tried mizing a spoonful of some stage one baby food into it and so far have tried squash, sweet potatoes and bananas, he hasnt really shown much favor for that either, he likes to alternate the eating and then some bottle and then another bite, it does seem to help him hold over to the 4 hour mark, we keep trying it and soon he’ll get the hang of it. He does well with the actually swallowing of it, just not the open mouth insert food part lol

Sleep: He takes his last bottle around 9 then we play alittle and he gets a fresh diaper and then we go into his room where the humidifier and lullabys are on and rock to sleep around 10, he usually goes right to sleep. We stopped the swaddling and have since started letting him sleep on his tummy, which he loves cause he sleeps until 5-7am with out waking up but the tummy sleeping makes mommy nervous, I check on him all the time!

Activity: So this kid likes to move, he loves to stand on our laps doesnt mind being on the floor on his back or on his tummy, can roll from front to back and back to front. Sits in his bumbo for all cereal “meals” We just bought him a “johnny jump up” yesterday and he LOVES it. can easily sit in it for 20+ mins. He doesnt jump much in it yet but he loves to twirl around on his toes. He smiles ALL the time, and is so social, if you take him out when he’s crabby he will usually just perk right up and smile at people. He’s started grabbing at/for toys and holds them much longer and chews on his fingers all the time. He also loves to blow raspberries, gurgle and squeal.

We got one belly laugh out of him one night, but havent gotten anything like it out of him since, and believe me we’ve tried! 🙂 He’s taking a notice to the pets a little bit more, watching them move by him, its cute and I cant wait for them to get to play together (as the dog cant wait either!)

He sometimes wakes up from naps cranky so I just take him outside and he’s instantly in a better mood. Although last week he was strangely crabby and just wasnt acting like himself so I took him into the doctor (cause he was coughing and they said that was just from his extra drooling) but that he had a ear infection so he’s been on meds since thursday and takes them until saturday and over the weekend our happy baby returned. Im am so thankful he’s feeling better because those few days were rough!

He is just growing so much and changing everyday! I cant believe how much he changes every month, how fast he learns things, seriously one day I’ll say “oh he’s  not grabbing toys yet” then the next day he’ll be proving me wrong! I love it! We already have almost a full photo album full of his pictures and he gets baptized next month and with easter and everything it will be full very soon! I make it a point every month to go print that months pictures and put them in a book, I do not want them stuck on a computer to end up lost of something.  Seriously in another 4 months i’ll have a totally different (but still the same) baby on my hands- a mobile one!! Ahh after the grage sale next month the task of baby proofing will begin!!


Cloth Diapers update April 5, 2011

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So I ordered them from softbums- It took 6 days to ship!! That was a lot of time waiting and then 3 days to arrive so 9 days total!

But when I did receive them I was super excited to wash it up I went all over town trying to find the detergent they suggested (purex free and clear) I didn’t find it at target(which actually the closest target is 45 mins away, I just happened to be there already) or dollar general, I ended up finding it at our local grocery store for something like 4 dollars and it will last a while cause you use so little and I’m glad I was able to find it in town.

So I washed them up and then  put them on him and took him into see dad.

He says “what is that? a swim diaper?” LOL

I said no its a cloth diaper…so then I showed him how it worked and he didn’t really say yay or nay, but when his grandmother came over he showed her it, and even helped me wash them up (hung them to dry) today so I took that as an ok 😀

So I ordered two more yesterday (from and it shipped that night! Expected delivery is tomorrow!!)  I ordered a “happy robot” and a Brown one, so in total when I get these I’ll have 3 covers, 9 super try touch inserts and one best bottoms insert (which I havent tried yet, but I heard they work with softbums well and they’re cheaper so for extras I’ll probably go that route)

I’m excited, we used them that day for 2 changings then when we were going out and about we threw a disposable on him (we also use disposable at night for now havent braved the overnight trial yet lol) so we’re just using the cloth at home for now. He hasn’t leaked or anything and I just did my first wash since using them today so im thinking I’ll have one cover to use while the other 2 wash and I’ll just rotate them that way. I put a pail (empty trash can) in the bathroom and just toss them in there. So far he hasn’t pooped in it yet been doing that in the disposable LOL

 We used the same cover for both those two changings but when we get the next ones i’ll most likely be using one and then the other (they suggest to let them air out between uses if possible) we’ll still be using the disposable but I figured if I can use these even a couple of days a week then we’ll be saving money in the long run as we wont have to buy diapers as often (we buy up and up brand for 14 bucks for 96, used to last 2 weeks, im hoping we can go a whole month on the 96) and as time goes on I’ll build up my stash of cloth 🙂


Some thoughts on expanding our family. March 17, 2011

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After reading  this post i’ve been thinking…I had a very uneventful first pregnancy but was induced at 37 weeks for “mild pre E” they said if the 24 hr urine test came out over 300 hundred I would be put on bedrest until 37 weeks (I was 36) it came out to something like 346? I gained 4lbs in one week, which is 1/5 of the weight I gained the whole pregnancy. My blood pressure would be up at the beginning of appts but then go back down…

I was never told I couldnt have any more children, we very much want another child someday. Ideally (as if you can really plan it) i’d like to get pregnant again around Dec 2012 or Jan 2013 (I want RJ to be closer to 3 years old before the next one)

There are women on my birth board who are already pregnant again! We dont want our kids THAT close but we do want them with in 4 years of each other, but the above post has me wondering if i’ll develope Pre E again? and if it’ll be worse? I sure hope not- im not going to let the fact that I had a very VERY mild case of it keep us from having more biological children (as long as god lets us) I just know that the fear will be there towards the end on if it’ll happen again, and that may keep us from having a 3rd…I want 3 children and Mr. Blur says (right now) that he’d be happy with just 2… so who knows if we even would have a third…

 The option for adoption is not something we could do at this point in our lives or even in the next 10 years. It would require a lot of money that would take a long time to save. and we are not good about saving and have horrible credit/debt at the moment from the heart cath hospital bills. Maybe in 13-17 years it may be a different story (i’ll be 38 in 17 years so not incredibly old yet)

Anyways this is all just my ramblings…we willhave to wait and see what the future holds for us..right now we’re focusing all our love and attention to sweet little Rj 🙂


ABCs of Me March 12, 2011

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ABC’s of Me!

A. Age: 21

B. Bed Size: We would like a queen at least but we only have a double.

C. Chore you hate: LAUNDRY!

D. Dogs: We have a dauchshund named Oscar

E. Essential start to your day: Umm I dont think theres anything that is a essential-other then feeding Rj his bottle 🙂

F. Favorite color: Used to be purple. I kinda like pink now.

G. Gold or silver: Silver

H: Height: 5’ 8 or so

I: Instruments that you can play: None I seriously regret quitting piano.

J: Job title: Registration Clerk

K: Kids: We have one sweet 13 week old little man

L: Live: In a too small for us house

M: Mom’s name: Colette

N: Nicknames: dont really have one, lots of our friends call us by our initials…not sure why lol

O: Overnight hospital stays:Just when I had Rj 2 nights

P: Pet peeve: oh I have lots…no head lights when its raining/foggy- they arnt just for nighttime!! Also I have a theroy about the lights that the people who dont turn theirs on when its rainy or foggy are conceited and only think about themselves because “oh I can see just fine” but the point is you want OTHER people to be able to see you..duh!

Q: Quote from a movie: “Im a peacock, you gotta let me fly!!” the other guys

R: Righty or lefty: Right

S: Siblings: I have two

T: Time you wake up: When ever Rj does- between 7 and 8

U: Underwear: Uh Yes, what about them? I got some new ones last week

V: Vegetables you dislike: Celery, Beets, Lima Beans. tomatoes Ew.

W: What makes you run late: Rj if I am running late, but so far so good, I try to allow plenty of time for things

X: X-rays: I’ve had a few. mainly lungs and such for bronchitis

Y: Yummy food you make: when I want to cook I can make anything really, although chicken and rice things always turn out kinda blah and Im not sure how to fix that because I love chicken and rice…

Z: Zoo favorite animal: penguins

Got this from Kati at Living Well.


Heartbreaking March 10, 2011

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Please read that and realize it could happen to anybody…and please take extra caution to never ever let it happen to you…or anybody you know…please spread the word and post where ever you can.


3 Months March 8, 2011

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Little man will be 3 months old tomorrow…I seriously feel like he just turned 2 months.

His picture was in the paper today for winning the cute baby contest 🙂

Weight: As of today he is 13lbs 12oz, wearing size 1 diapers still

still in 0-3 month clothes but im not sure how much longer, soon he’ll have to go to 3-6 month

He’s been doing so well with sleeping. I’ve really been trying to put in a schedule for bedtime. At 8:30 he has his last bottle, 6oz and then he gets a fresh diaper, swaddled and rocked until 9:30 then put in his crib- then he’ll sleep till 4:30 – 5:30am

Activity- He’s showing a lot more interest in rattles but still doesnt try to hold them or reach for them. Just stares intently at them. He also found his hands and likes to chew on them. Other then that not any major changes. We bought him a bumbo chair and he sits up in that like a little man its so cute.

He’s been super smiley lately when he’s in the mood to smile..

We think he’s starting to teeth, he’s been super crabby and cries this weird cry for what seems like no reason at all. He’s been drooling more and chewing on his hands a lot. Also taking the pacifier more then usual so I dont know if that feels good on his teeth or what? But we went to the doctor today to make sure his ears werent bothering him because he has woke up every 2 hours last night just said its probably teething and that he thinks he has a we just have to wait it out…Currently he is at home with dad just SCREAMING…still cant figure out why he gives dad such a hard time..


**sigh** this too shall pass..s0meday…