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Heartbreaking March 10, 2011

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Please read that and realize it could happen to anybody…and please take extra caution to never ever let it happen to you…or anybody you know…please spread the word and post where ever you can.


3 Months March 8, 2011

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Little man will be 3 months old tomorrow…I seriously feel like he just turned 2 months.

His picture was in the paper today for winning the cute baby contest 🙂

Weight: As of today he is 13lbs 12oz, wearing size 1 diapers still

still in 0-3 month clothes but im not sure how much longer, soon he’ll have to go to 3-6 month

He’s been doing so well with sleeping. I’ve really been trying to put in a schedule for bedtime. At 8:30 he has his last bottle, 6oz and then he gets a fresh diaper, swaddled and rocked until 9:30 then put in his crib- then he’ll sleep till 4:30 – 5:30am

Activity- He’s showing a lot more interest in rattles but still doesnt try to hold them or reach for them. Just stares intently at them. He also found his hands and likes to chew on them. Other then that not any major changes. We bought him a bumbo chair and he sits up in that like a little man its so cute.

He’s been super smiley lately when he’s in the mood to smile..

We think he’s starting to teeth, he’s been super crabby and cries this weird cry for what seems like no reason at all. He’s been drooling more and chewing on his hands a lot. Also taking the pacifier more then usual so I dont know if that feels good on his teeth or what? But we went to the doctor today to make sure his ears werent bothering him because he has woke up every 2 hours last night just said its probably teething and that he thinks he has a we just have to wait it out…Currently he is at home with dad just SCREAMING…still cant figure out why he gives dad such a hard time..


**sigh** this too shall pass..s0meday…


Need some laughs February 25, 2011

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I have been laughing my butt off here at work reading this website….check it out, its too funny!!  

As for Rj news, everythings great, he is smiling soo much these days. Also he’s on a really good schedule right now and with his feedings we’ve been able to schedule them around what we need to do ie: If he eats a 4oz bottle then he’ll eat again in 3 hours, if its a  6 oz bottle he’ll eat again in 4 hours or so. Sometimes when he’s sleeping he’ll even go 5 hours!

I have to work all weekend, but taxes are suppose to come in this weekend or monday and I’d reallly like to go shopping but i think it should probably wait until next weekend when Im off and have time to devote to it. And after we pay all the bills first 😦 but im also soo happy everything (at least all the “smaller” bills) are getting paid off! That will help our credit a little bit I hope. But im for sure going shopping soon, this mama needs some new underwear and bras LOL 🙂 and pants…

So yes that is our weekend plans..any big plans for you guys out there? Well what ever it is I hope its a great one.


2 months February 10, 2011

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My little Rj is 2 months old now. I searched the internet to come up with a survey like thing to answer each month but alas there was none…so I came up with my own..

Weight: 11lbs 13oz he’s filling out soo much! Its adorable! wearing size 1 diapers finally 😀 Still has all his dark hair!

Height: 23 inches no more newborn clothes all 0-3 month clothes

Eating: Formula fed- 5 ozs every 4 hours

Sleep: Sleeps during the night from about 10pm-3, takes his last feeding around 8:30PM/9 then is awake for awhile then sleeps until 3…sometimes wakes around 12:30 to be comforted then he goes back to sleep. Then awake every 4 hours after that to be fed. Goes right back down after each feeding until about 8/9 oclock AM.  During the day he eats, plays/is content for a while then about a hour and a half to an hour before the next feeding he goes to sleep for a little while.

Activity: He rolls from his tummy to his back, can lift and steadly hold his head up, likes his swing sometimes but doesnt ever sleep in it. Has been doing the “mini push ups” since month one! Doesnt show any intrest in rattles or anything like that yet. He only uses the binky when we’re trying to get him asleep and when he’s in the car seat. He’s starting to like the bouncy chair more, even though it doesnt vibrate anymore(batteries died, must replace soon)

He is just growing so much and changing everyday, and when other people are holding him I just get over whelmed with this “my baby is soooo cute” feeling. LOL he really is adorable and could be a model…I should put a pic up just to show him off and then take it down after a day or something…i’ll think about it. 😀


The best compliment ever. February 8, 2011

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I got hit with the best compliment ever last night. Just days after reading this post actually.

My hubby told me that Rj was lucky to have me, that he knows he’s lucky to have a father that loves and cares  about him(as many fathers out there dont put as much effort into their babys as my hubby does) but that he’s twice as lucky to have me. That I do such a good job taking care of me, and that he can tell that Rj loves me.

And it really is the best feeling ever to get that compliment- but also a little awkward- how do I respond, do I say thank you? Because to me, there just is no other way, kinda like after I had Rj and EVERYONE kept saying , “you did good” or “you guys have a cute one, he’s just perfect, you did good” I never understood that because I didnt do anything that wasnt just natural. I didnt do anything to make him come out perfect- I had no control over that. Just like being a good mom to him, I dont have control over that (I suppose I do but there is just no other option in my mind) I do what I have to for him because I love taking care of him and watching him grow, I love him with all my heart.


Going back to work February 4, 2011

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Because I was put on bedrest a week before he was born I had to go back to work when he was 5 weeks old.

My mom or hubbys grandma comes to watch him when I go to work at 3:30 then dad takes over when he gets home at 6pm, I work until 9:30pm

He likes to be fussy for dad. Its been hard on me to leave him with dad because dad tries very hard but does get frustrated. Dad then calls me at work and that’s just worse cause then I’m at work crying because I can’t just leave work all the time to help him. It’s such a learning process and dad just doesn’t do as much for him as I do, I’m with him all day, I only work tues and thurs nights and dad just doesn’t have the touch that mommy does. He cries a lot for him, he doesn’t do that for me. I’ve had to leave work early to go home and help him, he’s had to bring him to my work even so that I could help calm him down. As soon as I have him in my arms he calms down. I try to explain to mr blur not to take it personally and that just my smell calms him…but its been hard.  But I have faith that it will get better…


Cute baby February 3, 2011

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There was a cute baby contest at a local department store and my little man won!