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Cloth Diapers update April 5, 2011

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So I ordered them from softbums- It took 6 days to ship!! That was a lot of time waiting and then 3 days to arrive so 9 days total!

But when I did receive them I was super excited to wash it up I went all over town trying to find the detergent they suggested (purex free and clear) I didn’t find it at target(which actually the closest target is 45 mins away, I just happened to be there already) or dollar general, I ended up finding it at our local grocery store for something like 4 dollars and it will last a while cause you use so little and I’m glad I was able to find it in town.

So I washed them up and then  put them on him and took him into see dad.

He says “what is that? a swim diaper?” LOL

I said no its a cloth diaper…so then I showed him how it worked and he didn’t really say yay or nay, but when his grandmother came over he showed her it, and even helped me wash them up (hung them to dry) today so I took that as an ok 😀

So I ordered two more yesterday (from and it shipped that night! Expected delivery is tomorrow!!)  I ordered a “happy robot” and a Brown one, so in total when I get these I’ll have 3 covers, 9 super try touch inserts and one best bottoms insert (which I havent tried yet, but I heard they work with softbums well and they’re cheaper so for extras I’ll probably go that route)

I’m excited, we used them that day for 2 changings then when we were going out and about we threw a disposable on him (we also use disposable at night for now havent braved the overnight trial yet lol) so we’re just using the cloth at home for now. He hasn’t leaked or anything and I just did my first wash since using them today so im thinking I’ll have one cover to use while the other 2 wash and I’ll just rotate them that way. I put a pail (empty trash can) in the bathroom and just toss them in there. So far he hasn’t pooped in it yet been doing that in the disposable LOL

 We used the same cover for both those two changings but when we get the next ones i’ll most likely be using one and then the other (they suggest to let them air out between uses if possible) we’ll still be using the disposable but I figured if I can use these even a couple of days a week then we’ll be saving money in the long run as we wont have to buy diapers as often (we buy up and up brand for 14 bucks for 96, used to last 2 weeks, im hoping we can go a whole month on the 96) and as time goes on I’ll build up my stash of cloth 🙂


2 months February 10, 2011

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My little Rj is 2 months old now. I searched the internet to come up with a survey like thing to answer each month but alas there was none…so I came up with my own..

Weight: 11lbs 13oz he’s filling out soo much! Its adorable! wearing size 1 diapers finally 😀 Still has all his dark hair!

Height: 23 inches no more newborn clothes all 0-3 month clothes

Eating: Formula fed- 5 ozs every 4 hours

Sleep: Sleeps during the night from about 10pm-3, takes his last feeding around 8:30PM/9 then is awake for awhile then sleeps until 3…sometimes wakes around 12:30 to be comforted then he goes back to sleep. Then awake every 4 hours after that to be fed. Goes right back down after each feeding until about 8/9 oclock AM.  During the day he eats, plays/is content for a while then about a hour and a half to an hour before the next feeding he goes to sleep for a little while.

Activity: He rolls from his tummy to his back, can lift and steadly hold his head up, likes his swing sometimes but doesnt ever sleep in it. Has been doing the “mini push ups” since month one! Doesnt show any intrest in rattles or anything like that yet. He only uses the binky when we’re trying to get him asleep and when he’s in the car seat. He’s starting to like the bouncy chair more, even though it doesnt vibrate anymore(batteries died, must replace soon)

He is just growing so much and changing everyday, and when other people are holding him I just get over whelmed with this “my baby is soooo cute” feeling. LOL he really is adorable and could be a model…I should put a pic up just to show him off and then take it down after a day or something…i’ll think about it. 😀


Cute baby February 3, 2011

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There was a cute baby contest at a local department store and my little man won!


weeks 1-8

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when RJ was one week old we took him for his check up and he was back up to his birth weight. He was drinking 2 oz every 3 hours and was sleeping when he wasnt eating. He was also changing in looks everyday 😀

The nights werent as bad as I was suspecting. I actually didnt feel too bad not getting much sleep. We did take advantage and let gma take him for the night, so we could get a full nights sleep and that has been wonderful.

So far he has stayed at one of his grandmas houses once a week since he’s been born. We feel its imortant for him to know them well and get comfortable with them and their houses and I know he likes looking at other peoples faces and not just ours. We love him and he’s well taken care of and happy but we dont feel he has to be with us 24/7 like some parents do. Our family is his too and they have every right to get to know him and spend time with him too and we trust them completly so its been nice to get a break and some time for us together.

As of last wednesday he is 10lbs 8oz

Currently drinking 4-6 oz every 3-4 hours. Does not have his nights and days mixed up. During the day he stayes awake most of the day except for 2 naps and during the night he only gets up to get changed/fed then he goes right back to sleep (MOST nights I should say :D)

He’s wearing size one diapers and still fits in some newborn clothes but mostly the 0-3 month stuff.  He makes great eye contact and has started smiling some, not as much as i’d like to see but it will come.

He rolled over from belly to back at 6 weeks old!!! That surprised us. He has awesome head control and doesnt hate tummy time. Doesnt show much interest in toys or rattles yet. But loves staring at our faces and listening to our voices.

We love our little monkey so much.


25 weeks 2 days September 17, 2010

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Its been a couple of weeks since my last update. Things are going well. I feel this little boy all the time, mostly down low but every once in a while I’ll get kicks up at the top of my belly, which are most fun because those are the kicks that other people can feel and  that make my belly jump and I often get distracted just watching my belly move.

I’m still sick every once in a while, Tuesday was an especially bad day for me. I was puking all day! I’ve felt better since then though. I had my 6th month check up on monday and everything looked great, all they did was measure my belly (for the first time, said it measured right on target) and listened to the baby’s heart beat (150/160s). The worst part about the appt was the wait, my appt was at 2:30 and I didn’t see the doctor until 4!! For a 2 min appt! Never again will I have a monday appt, apparently Mondays are usually pretty crazy around there.

Next appt is in October, the 11th I think. It’s the one where I have to do the glucose diabetes test…oh joy. lol By that appt I will be in my 28th week and officially in the 3rd trimester! How in the world did that happen?!? 😀

We’ve gotten a few clothes and things as gifts and then I’ve also been garage saleing and found lots of cute clothes, and everyday im getting less sacred and more excited to have him here. I can’t wait for baby snuggles…and this time from a baby that’s mine-how crazy is that!!

We also got an infant carrier/stroller/2 car seat bases for 60 bucks. The infant seat will expire Dec 2011 so we will get one years use out of it, although I’ve been told they don’t use the same car seat for THAT long…but I really don’t know anything about car seats so I need to do some reasearch on how long he’ll be using this one. We’ve also received some bottles and a few toys and such. Other then the baby nessceties like diapers and wipes and the million other things babies need lol we just need a crib to be able to bring this baby home. There is a crib that I want to buy that’s about 170 dollars and its a “mini” crib the same size as a pack and play and I think it will be just perfect for his half of his room. Since we don’t have a second bedroom yet he’ll be bunking up with us (which I hate but we don’t have any other options right now, I’ve put my foot down on starting a huge renovation project until spring, when we could then possibly move in with relatives till it gets done, our house is just too small and old to have a baby in it while doing major remodeling)

Well that’s about everything that’s going on these days. Little by little we’re getting things in the house cleared out so there is some room for this baby and eventually it will all come together. We’ve only got 14ish weeks left!!(CRAZY!)

PS We have a name officially picked out- just cant share it yet cause its a secret 😀 Unless Mr. Blur spills first then I can 😀


21 weeks 5 days Its a…. August 23, 2010

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Surprise surprise…

its a…




I seem to be the only one surprised by this though 🙂 I thought for sure it was a girl. But it is definetly NOT lol  We found out a week ago today and its finally setting in for me. We are both over the moon.

I know these next 4 months are going to fly by and we have soo much to do to get ready for this new little boy.


12 weeks 2 days June 18, 2010

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Wow I can’t believe I let a whole 6 weeks go by without posting, sorry about that but to be honest it has been a pretty miserable 6 weeks…

I have good days and bad days with the morning sickness but it’s always there. I had my first OB appt Friday June 11th and the 2 days before I went in I was puking almost every hour. Couldnt keep anything down. So when I went in for my appt I was really dehydrated so they gave me 2 bags of fluid and zofran. That was a week ago and I’ve only puked once since then, I still feel crappy a lot but I’ll take that over puking any day.

After I got the fluids and medicine I felt 95% better, I still didn’t have any energy to stand around (we went and picked up Mr Blurs suit for the wedding after the appt, and had I not gotten the fluids we wouldn’t have been able to get that) But we had a good lunch and got a couple of wedding things accomplished. Slowly but surely things are coming together I have a  million things on my to do list and only 28 days left until the big day.

As for the baby things are looking great, we heard the heartbeat it was 170 bpm and we heard the baby moving and kicking at the doppler..I cant wait to feel those kicks though 😀 Also got good news through my insurance if we can squeeze out this baby this year I wont have to pay ANYTHING because I’ve already met my deductible and out-of-pocket spending since I had that heart surgery in february.

Our next appt is July 9th and then from there I think it’ll be time to schedule the anatomy scan to see what we’re having 😀 I really think it’s a girl but what do I know I’ve never been through this before LOL