Because Life Gets Blurry

and I dont want to forget a thing.

This time last year! April 22, 2011

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I was at work one day at the daycare I worked at, and I was looking at the kids and just thought about how this time 2 or 3 years ago they were nothing but a dream for their parents. And now here they were as little actual living people playing with toys and looking at books. So I got this really weird urge that I wanted to write a letter to our future child.

I sat down that night and wrote out a letter just explaining how we were in the crazy process of planning our wedding that was just 5 months away and that after we got married we would be trying for them and where we were right now in our lives job wise and ages and just little things like that. That we dreamed about them already and hoped to be pregnant by the same time next year. And that was that- I put the letter away in a safe spot.

Then I was a day or two late but thats happened before and it was always nothing. But I had a cheapie test so I decided to take it (because you know AF will show up right after you test lol!) Well I got this…

life changing..

I couldnt believe it!! Never seen THAT line before!! HUGE surprise!!

A few weeks later I got the letter out to put with the other baby papers and looked at the date on it- 3 DAYS before I took the test!! The paper was dated 4-20-10 and I took the test 4-23-2010 a year from tomorrow!! So in one year we went from that to this.. And we couldnt be happier.


26 weeks and 3 days September 25, 2010

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Only 95 days left to go!! :-/ 🙂

Well today is the day I would have been getting married, and this little baby has proved time and time again to be a blessing in disguise because today would have been an awful day for a wedding…its rainy and cold!!

I’ve been feeling for the most part pretty good this week. My sinus are acting up a little but so far no pukies again. I do have this awful strain pulling on my right side near my ovaries that has been hurting more and I’m pretty sure its round ligament pain but it has been hurting enough that it gets hard to walk, and if I have to go pee, then it hurts ten times more…and its only on one side so I think that’s kinda odd and I may call the doc monday just to double-check things, she did mention is could be a cyst and im sure they’d just do another US to make sure everything  ok in that area and I wouldn’t be opposed to another chance to see this baby 😀 but we’ll see cause the doctor’s office is 45 mins away and they always make me wait forever so only if it’s still really bad monday will I call. I’m just going to try to rest up and drink lots of water this weekend and hope that helps.

Well that’s about it for updates, things are coming along well in the baby items gathering 😀 We just need a boppy and a baby bathtub (and two people have said they have one for us) and then we’ll be all set except for things like diapers, wipes, formula/breastfeeding items, and diaper cream and Tylenol and such. Those are the things we hope to get at the showers, although gift cards would be awesome since it would cover all that I know most people don’t like giving just gift cards.

Oh and I guess we do also need somewhere for this kid to sleep lol, I want to get this mini crib but Mr blur doesn’t want to until he can see it first but it isn’t in stores only online so I’ve got to find out in a store around here to show him it, its only 170 bucks or so and we need to order it sooner rather than later since it is an online only thing…

Oh all the things that need done in the next 13 (yikes!) weeks!


19 Weeks and mini wedding recap August 4, 2010

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One more week until the halfway point! Although I hope that I’ve already reached mine and I go into labor the week of my due date as I really don’t want to be pregnant in january LoL Since my heart procedures I’ve already met my deductible for this year so as long as I have this baby in DECEMBER I wont have to pay another huge hospital bill 😀

Anyways…the wedding


Better than I could ever have imagined. We are pretty lucky people to have all the help that we did from our family and friends. Even friends OF family that we didn’t know at all helped out TREMEDOUSLY. All those big and little things that could go wrong _DIDNT!_ so I’d classify it as a success. 😀

It was a beautiful ceremony outside in front of a creek and big willow trees. We had awesome music that fit together better than I could have imagined. (yes I know I picked it all out but I had no clue how they would all sound together lol)

Mr. Blur cried, and I cried during the remembrances, I wasnt sure if I was gonna be able to pull myself back together but I managed.

Mr. Blur surprised me during the ceremony with a song he picked out and had the DJ sing, it was beautiful. We did the sand ceremony and there were bubbles as we danced back down the aisle. It was a great day.

It was also very hot, but believe me for our weather here it could have been much worse the humidity wasnt as bad as it could have been.

The reception was great, the food was wonderful. We had a blast dancing with all our friends. I couldn’t wait to get done with the “mandatory” dances so I could change into cooler clothes (this is when I wish I would have just spent the money on a pretty summer dress for the reception but what evs) by the time I did get changed I only last about another hour when it was a lil after 11 and I was begging Mr. Blur to leave so we could go check out the Bed and breakfast. I was SO tired. And I did remind him that all that dancing and stuff I had done, I had done while carrying his child!! LOL It’d been a long day and I knew we had to get up for gifts in the morning and since this pregnancy when I hit a wall of tiredness there’s nothing I can do but sleep or I get VERY CRANKY and irritable.

But all in all it was a success and we are married!! Its going fine so far lol not much of any changes. It’s nice to be classified as a “family” by society’s standards, especially since we always did want to be married first before we got pregnant, god just had other plans.

We go for our anatomy scan on the 16th…im getting very antsy about it, I really want to know that everything is okay with the baby and that there arent any major health problems. I also really want to know what the gender is…Mr blur is convinced it’s a boy and I think it’s a girl. We have names picked for either although we wont be sharing them with anyone. I thought we were going to be in trouble with a boy name because nothing we talked about could we agree on. He hated everything I loved and vice versa. But we did manage to find one that made us both happy.

I’m still sick, every morning I dry heave and every night I get sick. I think a lot of the morning stuff is the sinus drainage making me queasy and the night stuff is because I havent been coming to work these 7 hour shifts with enough food to feed me every 4 hours. I usually only come with dinner but im realizing now that I need to bring a  snack AND dinner. So im trying to be better. Eating is soo hard, its so hard to decide what I want and then to still want that by the time I have it actually in front of me. I did have my first craving though…and if you knew me you’d know for sure that’s what it is. Its gum, like the bubbalicious gum. And I HATE gum in normal life lol I’ve never liked gum and then all of a sudden one day I had to have it, so I went to the gas station and used my LAST check to buy TWO dollars worth of gum, lol it was ridiculous.

My work schedule has been crazy these last 2 weeks and the next 2 weeks. Out of the next 15 days I only have ONE day off from my hospital job that I usually only do tues/thurs/ & every other fri/sat. And I work at my mon-fri morning job every morning. So its been busy. I’ll try to keep updated more.


16 Weeks 2 Days July 15, 2010

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Also known as TWO days before the wedding!!

We head out in the morning with our caravan of bridal party to our destination. We then spend all day setting up, cooking, spotting picture areas and just getting all the nitty things worked out.

Im very excited and I hope everything goes well. The weather seems to be holding up as far as rain on saturday, its suppose to be hot- 91 degrees but the humity isnt suppose to be to bad. Rain on sunday- and sunday is the day Im looking forward to most, just relaxing together as husband and wife, we’ll be in our hotel then so rain wont be a bother 😀

The baby is doing great, I think I may be feeling it somewhat these last couple days but I try not to get my hopes up since it could still be a couple weeks before I know for sure if that what it is.

We find out the gender in 4 weeks at our anatomy scan on August 13th. I try not to think about that too much or its going to make for a long wait.

Well I gotta get going and finish gathering up all my bathroom nessecities, its so difficult getting ready for something as big as your own wedding in a hotel room 2 hours away! I hope I dont forget anything.

And next time you hear from me I will be MRS. BLUR 😀


12 weeks 2 days June 18, 2010

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Wow I can’t believe I let a whole 6 weeks go by without posting, sorry about that but to be honest it has been a pretty miserable 6 weeks…

I have good days and bad days with the morning sickness but it’s always there. I had my first OB appt Friday June 11th and the 2 days before I went in I was puking almost every hour. Couldnt keep anything down. So when I went in for my appt I was really dehydrated so they gave me 2 bags of fluid and zofran. That was a week ago and I’ve only puked once since then, I still feel crappy a lot but I’ll take that over puking any day.

After I got the fluids and medicine I felt 95% better, I still didn’t have any energy to stand around (we went and picked up Mr Blurs suit for the wedding after the appt, and had I not gotten the fluids we wouldn’t have been able to get that) But we had a good lunch and got a couple of wedding things accomplished. Slowly but surely things are coming together I have a  million things on my to do list and only 28 days left until the big day.

As for the baby things are looking great, we heard the heartbeat it was 170 bpm and we heard the baby moving and kicking at the doppler..I cant wait to feel those kicks though 😀 Also got good news through my insurance if we can squeeze out this baby this year I wont have to pay ANYTHING because I’ve already met my deductible and out-of-pocket spending since I had that heart surgery in february.

Our next appt is July 9th and then from there I think it’ll be time to schedule the anatomy scan to see what we’re having 😀 I really think it’s a girl but what do I know I’ve never been through this before LOL


6 weeks 1 days …again or 6 weeks 2 days May 7, 2010

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I went to my follow-up OB appointment and they did another ultrasound. We saw the heart beat! That was pretty amazing 🙂 Beating at 121 beats per minute. I measured at 6 weeks 1 day so the growth has slowed down some but nothing to be worried about. If you still go from my last period I’d be 6 weeks 2 days today and by the first ultrasound that was 2 days ahead I would be at 6 weeks 4 days. I’m just going to go by my last period since the growth can vary so much for each week or which ultrasound tech you have can make it vary too. And really how much can just one or two days throw it off in the long run ya know? Not much im sure.  But everything looked good they said, and the tech also said the pain I could be feeling could be because I ovulated from that side also.  So who knows! lol As long as the baby is healthy.

As far as wedding things go its been hectic, we had dinner with all the rents and stuff the other night and went over everything. I really REALLY appreciate every thing they’ve done and are doing for us…

.. BUT I just really would like it that if when they say something like this for example: “I called SO and SO and we can get 150 napkins with your names on it for 55 dollars-which color do you want?” and I say “We REALLY don’t need those, you just throw them away anyways and lots of people I talk to said don’t waste the money on them”  that they would just say OK she doesn’t want them, move onto the next topic.

Instead I hear this over and over “but its your special day and we want to make it special for you and you’ll want one of these for your scrapbook”…and on and on Or that I don’t want to wear my big hot ball gown and would rather wear a summer dress, im still hearing that “you should wear the dress you bought already, to make it a special day”……….UGH

It will be a special day because I am marrying my best friend!!!

NOT because I have napkins with my name on it or because im sweating my A** off in a huge dress cause that’s what YOU want. Or because the invitations are cute and because ONE whole person MIGHT save one of the invites…(seriously don’t we all just throw them away after a while anyways?)

Irritating and Mr Blur says im being selfish for not letting them do what they want for us. Because “they just want to make it a special day for us”  They arent understanding that I don’t need all that fancy stuff to make it special for me.  It’s already going to one of the most special days of my life.


Telling the parents and wedding plans April 25, 2010

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Well we told the parents and grandparents pretty quickly since we knew we had to stop the wedding planning for now.  It went really well. They are very excited. We told my parents the night of the 24th and I had actually spent time with my mom during the day but wanted us both to be there to tell them both at the same time. They were shocked but very excited.

Then the next morning we were going to tell Mr. Blurs grandparents (they raised him) but there was a lot of his extended family at church with us and we all go out to dinner afterwards and I knew they would ask about wedding plans so we told the grandparents RIGHT after church to give them a heads up and then we went ahead and told the rest of the family at lunch when they asked about the wedding plans. They are very excited too.

Then that night we made the rest of the stops to tell everyone else like his mom and then over to his dads house. They were all shocked but excited.

Then someone threw out there that we could get married in July at the family campground. They have a barn there they do meals and dances in and his dad could get it for free or next to nothing. Well even back in the start of wedding plans I always wanted an outside wedding and  a reception in a barn and im finally getting the wedding I wanted all along so that’s a MAJOR plus to this whole baby thing 🙂

Its going to be a much smaller wedding and only the people who really REALLy care about us and want to be there will make the arrangements to get there since its going to be a weekend event 2 hours away from home.

I am super excited! Now I just have to find a nice summery white dress but I have no clue if I’ll be showing by then, my guess is no since its only 2 months away but I already have a belly pre baby so something with an empire waist will be perfect.