Because Life Gets Blurry

and I dont want to forget a thing.

This time last year! April 22, 2011

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I was at work one day at the daycare I worked at, and I was looking at the kids and just thought about how this time 2 or 3 years ago they were nothing but a dream for their parents. And now here they were as little actual living people playing with toys and looking at books. So I got this really weird urge that I wanted to write a letter to our future child.

I sat down that night and wrote out a letter just explaining how we were in the crazy process of planning our wedding that was just 5 months away and that after we got married we would be trying for them and where we were right now in our lives job wise and ages and just little things like that. That we dreamed about them already and hoped to be pregnant by the same time next year. And that was that- I put the letter away in a safe spot.

Then I was a day or two late but thats happened before and it was always nothing. But I had a cheapie test so I decided to take it (because you know AF will show up right after you test lol!) Well I got this…

life changing..

I couldnt believe it!! Never seen THAT line before!! HUGE surprise!!

A few weeks later I got the letter out to put with the other baby papers and looked at the date on it- 3 DAYS before I took the test!! The paper was dated 4-20-10 and I took the test 4-23-2010 a year from tomorrow!! So in one year we went from that to this.. And we couldnt be happier.


Crazy dream last night July 23, 2009

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So I had another crazy dream last night, but this one wasn’t wedding related.

In the dream I find out my brother has been cheating on my SIL (okay she’s not really my SIL but they have been together for years, and have my niece Miss P, she’s 20 months old, so I just call her that).

Well it just happends to be with this new girl from work, she’s small and has this weird voice, that just sounds like its from a little kid. But I’ve only talked to her maybe twice so I have no clue why she ended up in my dream.

But I was FURIOUS with her (why her and not my brother I don’t know) and I started yelling at her saying things like “you need to just get out of our lives, your voice is weird and your weird, and you are to never hold or even TALK to my niece, EVER.  The crazy thing though was my SIL was almost okay with it, she was just like “OK I’ll just live by myself now” WEIRD.

This dream went on all night, even after I got up to clean up dog puke and went back to bed. It also felt so real, enough that the first thing I though when I woke up was, “should I call my brother and tell him he better be behaving himself?” LMAO I know he would never do anything like that, he’s defiantly not the type and he doesn’t even have time for that!! He stays home with my niece everyday. 

 Craziest dream I’ve had in a long time though. I almost don’t like dreaming just because I feel like I get no sleep, my brain is still awake while I’m dreaming.