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and I dont want to forget a thing.

This time last year! April 22, 2011

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I was at work one day at the daycare I worked at, and I was looking at the kids and just thought about how this time 2 or 3 years ago they were nothing but a dream for their parents. And now here they were as little actual living people playing with toys and looking at books. So I got this really weird urge that I wanted to write a letter to our future child.

I sat down that night and wrote out a letter just explaining how we were in the crazy process of planning our wedding that was just 5 months away and that after we got married we would be trying for them and where we were right now in our lives job wise and ages and just little things like that. That we dreamed about them already and hoped to be pregnant by the same time next year. And that was that- I put the letter away in a safe spot.

Then I was a day or two late but thats happened before and it was always nothing. But I had a cheapie test so I decided to take it (because you know AF will show up right after you test lol!) Well I got this…

life changing..

I couldnt believe it!! Never seen THAT line before!! HUGE surprise!!

A few weeks later I got the letter out to put with the other baby papers and looked at the date on it- 3 DAYS before I took the test!! The paper was dated 4-20-10 and I took the test 4-23-2010 a year from tomorrow!! So in one year we went from that to this.. And we couldnt be happier.


Making the switch March 26, 2011

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I think im a little to excited about this 🙂

I ordered a Softbums diaper the other day, so that I’d have something to show Mr. Blur when I talk to him about switching to cloth diapers (hey the worst he can say is no, but I don’t think he will once he sees how they work, and even if he does, at least I’ll have a diaper I can use if we ran out of disposable)

I also decided to switch to cloth wipes the wipes we’ve tried leave little Rjs bum all red and I was told by a few nurses that cloth is better, and if im already going to be washing this diaper it wont be any harder to do cloth.

But anyways this diaper comes with 3 inserts and one “cover” which fits and looks just like a regular diaper. So with each change (unless it’s a epic blowout) you just change the insert, so you could use the same insert all day as long as it stays clean, and just use inserts which are 3-5 dollars a piece. I figured if Mr. Blur okays it I’ll order one more pack($35) and a few extra inserts so that will get us through 1 maybe even 2 days and then I can wash them every other day. The detergent to use is about $13 dollars(depending on which kind you get) and lasts a long time I’ve read because you use such a tiny amount.

I already have a sprayer on the tub which reaches to the toilet to use as a “diaper sprayer” you just spray BM into the toilet and then put into a small plastic trashcan until your ready to wash. Then just wash the can out.

Theyre good for the economy, good for the baby, good for the pocketbook, and super cute..I bought the “ocean blue” color 🙂

I havent told anybody yet, I’d rather put it into action first then hear everyone’s criticism about it because honestly I’ve done a lot of research on it and it does not look hard AT all. If I was working a full-time job it may be a little more difficult but I’m part-time so I have time to wash them at home.

We’re going to build up our stash slowly, probably just use cloth part-time until I get enough diapers for using it full-time- I’m thinking I’ll need at least 4 diapers to do it full time and lots of inserts. Luckily Rj doesnt poop a lot, just about once a day..and he isn’t a heavy wetter, we usually only change him at feedings so that’s about 5 times a day..

So yea, I’m pretty excited…about diapers LOL I can’t wait for them to show up 🙂 I’ll let you all know how it goes!

Ps: this one diaper should last until he’s potty trained!  It fits 6-35lbs+


The best compliment ever. February 8, 2011

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I got hit with the best compliment ever last night. Just days after reading this post actually.

My hubby told me that Rj was lucky to have me, that he knows he’s lucky to have a father that loves and cares  about him(as many fathers out there dont put as much effort into their babys as my hubby does) but that he’s twice as lucky to have me. That I do such a good job taking care of me, and that he can tell that Rj loves me.

And it really is the best feeling ever to get that compliment- but also a little awkward- how do I respond, do I say thank you? Because to me, there just is no other way, kinda like after I had Rj and EVERYONE kept saying , “you did good” or “you guys have a cute one, he’s just perfect, you did good” I never understood that because I didnt do anything that wasnt just natural. I didnt do anything to make him come out perfect- I had no control over that. Just like being a good mom to him, I dont have control over that (I suppose I do but there is just no other option in my mind) I do what I have to for him because I love taking care of him and watching him grow, I love him with all my heart.


Going back to work February 4, 2011

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Because I was put on bedrest a week before he was born I had to go back to work when he was 5 weeks old.

My mom or hubbys grandma comes to watch him when I go to work at 3:30 then dad takes over when he gets home at 6pm, I work until 9:30pm

He likes to be fussy for dad. Its been hard on me to leave him with dad because dad tries very hard but does get frustrated. Dad then calls me at work and that’s just worse cause then I’m at work crying because I can’t just leave work all the time to help him. It’s such a learning process and dad just doesn’t do as much for him as I do, I’m with him all day, I only work tues and thurs nights and dad just doesn’t have the touch that mommy does. He cries a lot for him, he doesn’t do that for me. I’ve had to leave work early to go home and help him, he’s had to bring him to my work even so that I could help calm him down. As soon as I have him in my arms he calms down. I try to explain to mr blur not to take it personally and that just my smell calms him…but its been hard.  But I have faith that it will get better…


weeks 1-8 February 3, 2011

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when RJ was one week old we took him for his check up and he was back up to his birth weight. He was drinking 2 oz every 3 hours and was sleeping when he wasnt eating. He was also changing in looks everyday 😀

The nights werent as bad as I was suspecting. I actually didnt feel too bad not getting much sleep. We did take advantage and let gma take him for the night, so we could get a full nights sleep and that has been wonderful.

So far he has stayed at one of his grandmas houses once a week since he’s been born. We feel its imortant for him to know them well and get comfortable with them and their houses and I know he likes looking at other peoples faces and not just ours. We love him and he’s well taken care of and happy but we dont feel he has to be with us 24/7 like some parents do. Our family is his too and they have every right to get to know him and spend time with him too and we trust them completly so its been nice to get a break and some time for us together.

As of last wednesday he is 10lbs 8oz

Currently drinking 4-6 oz every 3-4 hours. Does not have his nights and days mixed up. During the day he stayes awake most of the day except for 2 naps and during the night he only gets up to get changed/fed then he goes right back to sleep (MOST nights I should say :D)

He’s wearing size one diapers and still fits in some newborn clothes but mostly the 0-3 month stuff.  He makes great eye contact and has started smiling some, not as much as i’d like to see but it will come.

He rolled over from belly to back at 6 weeks old!!! That surprised us. He has awesome head control and doesnt hate tummy time. Doesnt show much interest in toys or rattles yet. But loves staring at our faces and listening to our voices.

We love our little monkey so much.


After birth February 2, 2011

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While I got stichted up (minor tears) Mr. Blur went and talked to our baby and got to hold him. Then I got to hold him, he felt so tiny. It was such a surreal feeling holding my own baby.

Family trickled in to meet him and to hold him and learn his name. They loved him and his name 😀

I was still sick, still throwing up and felt too weak to hold him so everyone else did. Then a couple hours later after everyone left, I asked them to take him to the nursery because me and hubby were exhausted. They had to come in and check me several times, and I went in and used the bathroom pretty soon after. (The little water bottle thing is amazing!) Then around 2 in the morning the nurse came in and said she wanted to give him his bath because they were so anxious to see his hair all cleaned up. So we did that and he just looked so cute.

Then the housekeeping lady came in and cleaned the room so we could fold down the big bed and sleep more comfortably. She was a talker! She chatted non stop and I really wanted her to stop talking cause hubby was still trying to sleep in the window sill thing LOL

So then we got some sleep until morning when we asked them to bring him to us. They said he did great in the nursery and passed his hearing test with flying colors. We spent the morning cuddling and getting to know each other. Hubby went home to shower and then we just relaxed with family visiting the rest of the day.

He got his photos taken and the photographer said “he must not have read the books, he’s not suppose to be doing that yet” joking about how he could already lift his head and turn it.

We sent him back to the nursery that night- it was really important to me to get as much rest as I could now so that I was in good shape to take care of him when we got home. I did feel great too for just giving birth, it was a little sore to sit down but that went away mostly the next day.

The morning we left (sat, december 11th) there was a snow storm coming so we wanted to get discharged as soon as possible so we could get home first. He was down to 6lbs 4 oz (which is normal to lose a little)

 He got his manly surgery done that morning and did just fine. Then we packed everything and him up and we headed home. It was a 35 minute drive and we made it home JUST in time, it started snowing on the way and was covering the roads by the time we pulled in the drive.

All in all the hospital stay was great, our post partum nurse was FANTASTIC, we absolutly loved her. All the nurses were great though. The food was actually really good too.

So that finishs up the birth story 🙂 Im so happy to have my little man here and safe and healthy. 😀


The induction/Birth story February 1, 2011

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I couldn’t keep you waiting until tomorrow so here’s the next part:

The doctors nurse called me on the monday before and said to be at L&D on the night of the 8th to start cervidil to do that over night to get my cervix effaced and opening. So we go in at 5:30 ont he 8th and get all settled in our room and we were just so excited to be meeting our baby with in the next two days.

So when the doctor comes in to insert the cervidill she tells me im already 3cms dilated and that the cervadil isn’t needed. I was happy to hear that but then she said I could go home! I was like hell no, I came here to have a baby I don’t wanna go home. But they talked me into it saying I needed to get a full nights sleep (and I wouldn’t get that there) so they gave me a ambien and we went home. I took that ambien and sat on the couch for a while then about 20 mins later I needed I was so sleepy I needed help walking to our bedroom. LOL

So we go in the next morning, the 9th, at 7:30 and get settled in AGAIN. The doctor came in a 8:30 and broke my water. Then at 9am we started pitocin. I was fine for about 2 hours, playing around on facebook. Even ordered some more checks online. Then around 11 the contractions got VERY painful. I pushed the lap top away and couldn’t really focus on anything. I didn’t want my husband touching me either.

They offered pain medication and said I could get the epidural at anytime. I wanted to hold off as long as I could. But I said ok to the IV pain meds.  Then the nurse said she was going to call the anesthesiologist to come in because he usually took some time getting there.

The IV meds werent helping all that much either. Then all of a sudden a contraction hit and I felt this weird off sensation and then I felt really loopy and the intensity of the contraction let up a little bit.

Just then at noon the Epidural guy showed up. So I sat on the edge of the bed with Mr. Blur and the nurse holding me, He took a long time to get the epidural in. But once in it was amazing! I don’t know how people do it without if you have then you deserve an award! I was around 5 cm dilated when I got that.

After that things went smoothly, family arrived and we chatted, they came in and out. Then around 5 they checked me again and I was at 10cms! But the doctor said no pushing until I felt the urge to push.

Another hour later at 6 I started feeling a slight urge to push so we started.

This is when hubby got SUPER amazing, (he was amazing the whole time) but we really worked as a team for pushing, the nurse didn’t really do much except watch. She kept saying “oh you guys got this” and telling other nurses how great of a team we were.

Because of the epidural my right leg was completely numb, my left one wasnt as bad. So the hubby every push would lift my right leg up and hold it for me and count for me. It was 3 pushes of 10 counts. I tried doing more sometimes. For the first 2 I’d do more because every time on the last one I was get really nausea and not be able to finish it. I threw up on every third push(which actually helped him come down the birth canal) but it was really hard on me, I was getting so tired.

I ended up pushing for 3 hours! Way more than I thought i’d have to. I finally said “we ARE getting him out, I am tired of pushing!!” and then everyone came in (doctor and more nurses) and I pushed him out at 9:02 pm, 12 hours since starting pitocin and 3 hours of pushing..

R J was here

December 9th, 2010

6lbs 15oz

19 inches long

Happy and Healthy With a head FULL of dark hair, with long fingers and toes.